In the African bush

In the African bush

You’ve seen the lodge .. Leopard Mountain Game Lodge … where we stayed for 3 nights .. now for the games drives, animals and scenery

Arriving in the afternoon, we had time to freshen up before hopping on the game vehicle.   Paola’s first ever game drive !! 🙂   She’s the only one smiling !!!  Terry trying not to smile 😉


We noticed how thin the warthogs were from lack of good grazing over the winter.  With the rains being late it is a concern because as and when the good rains come they gorge on the abundance of food causing kidney problems and deaths.  The explanation was a little more detailed but that’s the gist of it 😉



Leopard tracks .. whoo hoo!!!  we may just see one !!


The only thing remotely connected to one, in name only, was the leopard tortoise ..

IMG_8436 IMG_8437

Male impala ..



Msunduzi River bed ..


IMG_8414 IMG_8415 IMG_8423

Nyala male …



Guinea Fowl .. not unusual for us – there are lots around us at home living in open spaces ..


Young Nyala male ..






Male impala with his female herd ..


Normally the Ranger stops for drinks and snacks at sundown, but there was a sighting of a lone elephant close by so we carried on until we found him.

Tree felled by elephant ..


IMG_8451 IMG_8452

We sat silently watching him .. rubbing his head and trunk on branches, pushing at a small tree to uproot it, reaching up with his trunk to pull off succulent fresh new growth … … ..

It was then too dark for my camera but we watched him for awhile longer, until he decided he’d had enough of us .. walked casually towards us flapping his ears!!  Nerve racking !!!  .. but then he turned and went on his way … and so did we ..  having our sundowners after sun down, well away from the big guy  😉

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    1. Thanks my girl – the silhouette is a vulture but can’t remember which one. If you don’t take notes on the spot you tend to forget, unless you can look it up 😉 I think he is a whiteheaded vulture but I could be wrong so I left it out

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