Our six year olds have graduated !!

Our six year olds have graduated !!

Both Erin and Connor are at the end of their  last year in pre-primary school.  Cannot believe how time has flown!!  It wasn’t long ago they were littlies!!  Next year they’ll both be in Big School .. Grade 1.

We, unfortunately, couldn’t go to Erin’s graduation – living on the either side of the city has it’s draw backs 🙁  especially when our hectic and busy traffic is involved. I’ve copied Carl’s pics to share .. Doesn’t she look so grown up and look at that beautiful smile !!!  🙂    ‘Congratulations Erin !!!  Grandpa and I are so very very proud of you Big huge hug and love you lots and lots xxx ‘

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We attended Connor’s special evening with Jeanette, Lance and Bradley.     It was a super evening and quite emotional for me, as a Granny.   Having collected the boys from school on a daily basis since Grade 000 I’ve watched all these children grow from littlies to biggies.

The foyer was decorated with self-portraits 🙂    very cute !!

Copy of IMG_9587 Copy of IMG_9588 Copy of IMG_9590

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Each class came on stage led by their teacher and the children came on in size order – Connor, being the tallest, led his class in 😉    My photographs aren’t marvellous as we were quite far from the front – Jeanette has better pics

Copy of IMG_9600

Pre-Primary Principal having a quick word with Connor before introducing him ..

Copy of IMG_9603

Copy of IMG_9608

Copy of IMG_9610

After receiving their graduation scrolls from their class teacher we were treated to some amazing singing by +- 125 children.  They sang so many songs with gusto … singing their little hearts out .. actions included !!

Copy of IMG_9612 Copy of IMG_9614 Copy of IMG_9625 Copy of IMG_9626

Most impressive was the school song and our national anthem.   I have never heard it sung quite like that.   These little people sang together, with strong and powerful voices …  all standing straight and proud ….   very teary moment !!!

Copy of IMG_9633

Congratulations Connor !!!!  Papa and I are so very very proud of you !!!  Big huge hug and love you lots and lots xxx

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The next step for Erin and Connor  .. BIG SCHOOL !!!!!!

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