Decorating a Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree

Come the first of December many people put up their Christmas tree, including Jeanette and family.  In my house, I usually put it up tree and decorations closer to Christmas.  Connor was adamant that my tree had to be put up on Monday.  I really really really didn’t feel like putting it up on Monday and promised that we would do it on Wednesday.  Once the tree is up then they decorate it, as Elaine used to do .. every single year.  I just adjust the grouped and lobsided bits when the kiddies are small.

I said Wednesday because I went into hospital on Tuesday for a tooth extraction under general anaesthetic.   I have big teeth with large, long roots (sounds like Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 😉  … ” Oh Granny what big teeth you have ” !!!!)   with roots growing into the sinuses.  As the root had to be cut out and not pulled, it left a hole which needed plugging with a piece of my cheek.  Sounds horrendous!  but that’s to prevent a blow-hole like a whale !!!!!!!!!!  Soooo .. now I am sore, swollen and rather uncomfortable … .. ..

But .. I had promised to put the tree and lights up on Wednesday so decorating could begin.  And so it did .. Connor actually did it all himself and did an amazing job, humming Christmas carols while he worked !!  Very sweet!  Not much adjusting had to be done once he went home and out of sight

Copy of IMG_9721

Then yesterday he wanted to do the baby tree …

Copy of IMG_9697

Copy of IMG_9700

Copy of IMG_9707

Copy of IMG_9715

Copy of IMG_9716

No adjusting needed .. I’ll leave it is.  He also chose the spot where the tree should be placed  …. on the edge of a shelf … so that ‘ Santa can go flying through the air on his ski’s’  !!!

Copy of IMG_9730He then insisted on putting Santa’s boots under the tree.  I usually fill baskets with pine cones and decorations to put under and/or next to the tree, but I think I shall leave it simple, as Connor wants, with just the boots !

Copy of IMG_9733

One more thing he has insisted on,  is this tree decoration on a light switch  ..  (little doggie looks a bit lonely there, but every time I move him, Connor hangs him back onto the switch!)

Copy of IMG_9734

I have two more boxes of decorations  😉   … … ..


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