Images from Leopard Mountain .. page 2

Images from Leopard Mountain .. page 2

Revisiting the hide, having learnt from our previous experience, we made sure we were close to the front of the line as we snaked our way along the camouflaged pathway towards the hide.   Yay .. we managed to get two creaking camp chairs …  in front !!!!

Here’s Terry trying his best to ‘creak’ quietly .. 🙂    .. and hubby smirking behind 🙂

IMG_8829 IMG_8830

Resident terrapins  …


A family of Nyala came to drink  ..


IMG_8836 IMG_8839

Copy of IMG_8828

IMG_8840.. herd of Impala came by ..


IMG_4550 (2)

Copy of IMG_4551

… a family of warthog were the last visitors before we left ..


Lunch break at our chalet .. watching smoke rising from a controlled fire gone wrong when the wind changed.   Apparently it wasn’t out of control for too long



After tea, cake and cookies, it was back on the game vehicle for our last evening game drive.  Didn’t have much luck with sightings sadly.

We did see rhino twice, but they were so deep into the thicket both times, I couldn’t get decent pics.  The same went for a herd of Wildebeest


Hornbill ..


Peek-a-boo young male Nyala ..


Looks like a scene from ‘Out of Africa’  –  1985 movie starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.  Loved that movie !!   (another game viewing vehicle trundling along a different track)


IMG_8866 IMG_8867

We were on the look out for rhinos here.  Eventually found them .. way in the bush to the left .. too far for decent photos ..

IMG_8868IMG_8871 IMG_8874 A lone Wildebeest …


Female Kudu … she was munching on a fallen aloe


IMG_8889 IMG_8891

Fiery African sunset ..



Hello shy little fellow … duiker


Impala, waterbuck and warthogs ..


Sundowners at the waterhole .. seeing the hide from the other side ..



Once in the dark, driving back to the lodge, we came across another two rhinos,  and a lion lying on the bank of the dry river bed.    On investigation by driving around trying to get a closer look, we came across a kill.    Nyala bull having recently been killed but not eaten.  We saw on Leopard Mountain’s Facebook page after our return home, a couple of lions returned to the kill the next day …



Up early the next morning to head home again, for one night only,  before flying to Cape Town for the weekend …. but not before a few more photographs from this beautiful spot in KwaZulu Natal called Leopard Mountain

Copy of IMG_8944

Copy of IMG_8938

Copy of IMG_8940

Copy of IMG_8949

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