A weekend in the Cape : Morgenster Estate

A weekend in the Cape : Morgenster Estate

Can’t believe it’s more than a week since my last post !!

From our few days at Leopard Mountain, we drove home, re-packed, went out to dinner at The Carnivore, Misty Hills …  slept, up early in the morning to catch our flight to Cape Town … … and hit the ground running!

First stop .. to visit my Mum at the Home in Somerset West.  The airport is sort of half-way between Cape Town and Somerset West and we could only book into our hotel in Cape Town after lunch, so it made sense to start our weekend visiting the wineries in the Somerset West/Stellenbosch area, plus popping in to see my Mum.

Hubby dropped me off at the Home, which is on the way to Morgenster Estate at the foothills of the Helderberg and Hottentots-Holland mountain range.  Left Terry and Paola at Morgenster and came back to fetch me.   I only need a short time with her sadly, as I really don’t know if she knows I’m there.  But .. I told her all about the wedding and latest family news and hung above her bed one of the little birdies I had made for the wedding (to hang on chairs at the reception) ..


The stunning setting of Morgenster Estate :    … and after my visit with my Mum, some good wines went down very well !!!!   Morgenster’s wines are tops !!

Copy of IMG_8960

Grape flowers …

Copy of IMG_8966

Let the weekend of wine tasting begin ..

Copy of IMG_8962

Copy of IMG_8964

Copy of IMG_8967

Copy of IMG_8969

Copy of IMG_8970

Copy of IMG_8975

Copy of IMG_8977

I thought these were baby grapes .. but I understand they are unfertilized flowers ..

Copy of IMG_8980

Not a fly 😉 .. but a grape flower in my wine 🙂

Copy of IMG_8968Copy of IMG_8981

Copy of IMG_8982

Copy of IMG_8983

Copy of IMG_8984

Copy of IMG_8988

Copy of IMG_8976

Next wine estate on our agenda was Vergelegen which is ‘next door’ to Morgenster


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