Cape weekend : Rustenberg and Waterford wines

Cape weekend : Rustenberg and Waterford wines

Making our way back towards Somerset West, we stopped at Rustenberg Wines in Stellenbosch.  Another spot hubby and I have visited before but wanted to show Terry and Paola ..

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When hubby and I visited last time, we had mainly reds … this time it was mainly whites .. a little disappointing, as we are all red wine drinkers .. in general  😉


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Seems like Paola wants to fly too 🙂    !!!!!   I told her how beautiful the gardens were and she couldn’t resist having a peek and take a few photographs.   There were a few drops of rain (from a small cloud above!) …  hence the run to get back into the car !!!   Gardens are beyond the small white wall on the left

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Waterford Wine Estate – one of our favourite wineries …

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An orchard of orange trees in front of the winery

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Beautiful stone arched entrance ..

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It was quite busy with many tables reserved, but we managed to get one under the trees – this isn’t it !!  ours was next to this reserved spot ..

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There we are .. under the beige umbrella next to the table with the white table cloth on the left ..

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I loved the décor …

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Love the ball vases .. I want one !

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Let the wine tasting begin!   Love their wines!    Three wines were paired with chocolate

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Copy of IMG_9178

Copy of IMG_9179Mmmm …

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Connor, our sommelier, was a jolly fellow !!!

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This was the best!!!!    He served it from a carafe

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Ahhh my poor brother … under arrest!   Noooo .. he had pulled his back was giving it a goooood stretch before driving home !!

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This would be interesting ..  a safari around the Estate …

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Drove back to the hotel for a quick snooze … and a quick pic of a glorious evening sky over the mountain from our window …

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… then freshen up and out for dinner at the Harbour House, Kalk Bay …. highly recommend !!   This time I didn’t fall asleep at the table !!!!    … (and there we are drinking white wine 😉  .. well,  it was fish!! )

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My delicious dinner ….


The next day we flew home in the early afternoon, not before scooting around Cape Town showing Paola just a small part … there’s lots to see … they’ll have to come back 😉


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