Touring Italy in July …. the Harleys and the Pope

Touring Italy in July …. the Harleys and the Pope

I am up-to-date with blogging of all the comings and goings of our family since our Italian holiday in July … soooo long ago now … but I feel I still need to want to blog about the experience/s of our coach tour around Italy.  I am probably going to have to refer to my travel book often, as I didn’t write a daily diary and have probably forgotten place names etc

Our Trafalger Tour began after our own few days spent in Rome when we stayed at the Artemides Hotel.  Having transferred to the Tour’s choice of hotels, Cicerone Hotel,  which happened to be close to the Vatican, hubby and I decided to take a walk there …. because .. this was the day the ‘Harley’s met the Pope’

Copy of IMG_4542

From the hotel, we walked directly towards the Piazza Cavour and the Palace of Justice …

IMG_4543 .. front view of Palace of Justice



Castel Sant’Angelo ..



Ponte Vittorio Emmanuele II over the River Tiber ..


While having breakfast at the Artemides, I noticed an interesting t’shirt worn by a chappie and just had to ask what it was all about 😉   That morning, being a Sunday, the Pope was to bless the Harley Davidson riders from many European countries in St Peter’s Square, who were in Rome for this celebration and rally.   Around every street corner were riders and bikes !!  On our visit to the Ancient City, we heard this constant roar of engines as they rode around … and around .. and around the Colosseum

It was incredible !!!!   The entire street from the Vatican to the river was jammed packed with Harleys, bikers and on-lookers, like ourselves.   We manoeuvred our way through the crowd as far to the front as we could.  Unfortunately we had arrived at the end of the service, hearing the Pope’s blessing and the choir, so by the time we’d made our way to the barrier at Piazza Pio XII, inside which must have the main-people-that-mattered, bikers and bikes were already dispersing.

Bikes parked at the River Tiber …


Turning around to look up Via della Conciliazone towards the Vatican City ..


Hubby, being taller than me, zoomed in … there are rows and rows of bikes in-between the people  ..


Join me on a photographic journey through the crowd …






We got passed this temporary railing through the controlled opening at the right but couldn’t get beyond the brown/beige barrier …

IMG_4569IMG_3659IMG_3658IMG_4562IMG_3662IMG_4572 IMG_4574 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4579

IMG_4581 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585









The Nun was such a sport … the bikers asked her to sit on one their bikes while they photographed her on it!!!  (or she asked them 😉 )  We walked passed as she was getting off and couldn’t get a decent photograph of the group until she posed again with the bikers and their banner – she had been laughing and laughing although she looks a little serious here ..




IMG_4598IMG_4607We needed to get out of the extremely hot sun and found a spot on a wall under this statue, where we sat for a long time … people watching ..

IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4604 IMG_4606


It was truly an eye-opener and an experience I shall never forget !!!   Seeing the Pope … in person .. even though from a distance, and crowds of bikers and bikes, which I must say, were all very behaved.  All the bikes were in neat rows, there was no raucous behaviour ( as one hears about as regards some bikers’ clubs)  … and there was no litter !!!

Having sat under the shade for some time, we moved on .. walked over the Ponte Sant’Angelo to got lost in amongst the ancient narrow streets with pavement cafés …

IMG_4609Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II with St Peter’s on the right …


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