Our 13 day tour of Italy begins ..

Our 13 day tour of Italy begins ..

I am sure I described the ‘workings’ of a coach tour in my previous blogs on our Trafalgar Tour of France last year.   In brief – you relax .. everything is taken care of ie luggage in and out of coach and to and from room, you see places you would probably miss if doing a tour on your own, you make new friends ..  Tour Directors are a wealth of information so you listen and learn about places and people.  We thought we would never enjoy a coach trip, but we loved ‘Best of France’ and therefore decided to do ‘Best of Italy’ .  It was amazing .. even though we preferred France, we loved Italy too !!

Hubby and I, together with our fellow travellers, met up at a Welcome Dinner where we were introduced to our Tour Director, Antonella, who I must add, was excellent!!  Quite a character!!   She kept us on the ball .. we were always on time!!!!!    We had loads of  fun !!!


An introductory drive through the city followed.  I didn’t take many photographs through-the-coach-window as we had seen most of the places in the last few days, although it was interesting to see St Peter’s Square fairly empty, whereas that morning, the Square and the entire Via della Conciliazione was jammed packed with bikers, riders and onlookers.  The criss-cross barrier, after the railing, is as far as we were allowed to go  ..




Entrance to Villa Borghese – statue of Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, a German writer and poet,  which was given to Rome as a sign of friendship by Emperor William II of Germany in 1904.  At the base are three groups representing the artistic fields in which von Goethe was active : philosophy, drama and opera ..



Fountain of the Acqua Felice –  (Fountain of Moses) .. built in 1587


IMG_4657Ahhh .. familiar ground … this is Piazza della Repubblica, on Via Nazionale ..

IMG_4659.. where we had stayed over the last few days – Artemide Hotel


Back to the Hotel Cicerone for a good night’s sleep before we begin the tour, bright and early.   A full day ahead !!!   .. in Rome!

…   Trafalgar Tour : Best of Italy : June 2013

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  1. I think doing the visit the way you have is an excellent idea. Combining the flexibility of the independent travelling time with the comfort, knowledge and the fact that everything is organised while on tour.

  2. Oh. 13 days in Italy? That’s a lot of time. I think you have enough time to properly explore this beautiful country. Was it fabulous?

    1. Yes, it was fabulous. We went on a Trafalgar Tour and were taken to wonderful and beautiful places. A return visit is needed to go back to the places we loved the most .. to explore it properly

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