Family day .. lst Jan 2014

Family day .. lst Jan 2014

Happy New Year to one and all …. may you have sunshine and happiness, blue skies and rainbows, love and adventure, good health and prosperity …

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Hubby and I are very lucky to have our children close by and we tend to gather on New Years Day.   I love having my family around.   Yesterday was a perfect day .. in fact it was very hot with clear blue skies and burning sunshine, unlike Christmas Day .. cloudy and rainy.    We had a braai, simple salads and ice cream.

This is when I really, really, really miss my beautiful silver birch under which we always sat with friends and family gathered for lunches.  We have to make do with the patio until the sun creeps across, and then move under an array of umbrellas and shade from palms on the lawn.   I have planted a small tree to replace the silver birch but it’s too slow in growing and providing shade for my liking.

Jeanette took some lovely photos of the children … and I took these 😉

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Copy of IMG_9983 Carl has never been one for sandals, slops or even walking bare-feet!!   From the time he took his first steps he has always wanted to wear shoes!!!    I think I have the odd photo of him on holidays wearing slops, but generally he wears shoes .. and socks!    I noticed his shoes yesterday!!   It’s a miracle !!!!

Copy of IMG_9986And just to add .. firstly … Connor with his tallest sunflower from the seeds he planted ..  he was delighted to see it yesterday, as you can imagine !!

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.. and secondly .. hubby and I went to Monte Casino on New Year’s Eve to see ‘Sleeping Beauty on Ice’   …. brilliant !!!  Absolutely brilliant  !!   Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty – so beautiful ..  early 1900’s costumes are stunning – layers and layers of soft fabric … the Imperial Ice Stars are amazing  !!    I think it ends on 15 Jan .. if you haven’t seen it yet .. book now!!   (We saw the Imperial Ice Stars ‘Cinderella on Ice’ about two years, also on New Year’s Eve and also spectacular!!)



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