Conversation with kiddies

Conversation with kiddies

Setting the scene : at the boys’ school, Connor playing while waiting for Bradley.

Bradley strolls out of class .. Connor now chatting with friends further away from where I was waiting

Me having to walk all the way down the path to call Connor

Two of Connor’s friends were playing with a ball, which is now lodged in a tree.

Friend one (girl) :  “Please can you get our ball, it’s stuck”

Friend two (boy) turning to friend one : “no she can’t, she’s an old lady ”   ( me  … an old lady !!!!!!!!!!!)

Shattered ‘old lady’  (ME)  !!  while reaching up to collect stuck ball … which ‘old lady’ (ME) can’t reach anyway as it’s lodged in the tree and  ‘old lady’ (ME) isn’t tall enough, asks while smiling …. ” me, an ‘old lady’?”    Why am I an ‘old lady’?

Friend two :  ” Because you’re Connor’s Granny!!”

‘old lady’ (ME)  :    “so … all Granny’s are ‘old lady’s ? ”

Friend two :   ”  well ….yes ”    ”  because they’re Granny’s ”

Friend one trying to defend me :   ” Connor’s  Granny isn’t old ”   🙂  🙂  🙂

Yay !!   Girl power !!!

I suppose I am ‘old’ in their eyes, but I definitely don’t feel it 🙂

Copy of Copy of IMG_5652

Sorrento, Southern Italy – June 2013


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