A night’s stay at a Franciscan convent .. Assisi

A night’s stay at a Franciscan convent .. Assisi

Hotel Cenacolo is a renovated Franciscan convent and pilgrims hostel in Santa Maria degli Angeli, the ‘ lower town’  of Assisi





… and over the car park, road and fields beyond ..


Attached to a ‘ before’  photograph of the convent and pilgrims hostel, are newspaper cuttings, which I had wished were in English.  It probably mentioned the history of the convent …  when built, when renovated etc ….


Walking into the central courtyard and experiencing the acoustics was amazing.  One can hear people talking on the opposite side!!!!   A vow of silence can easily be broken, even if words were whispered !!




…’fields beyond’ ..


A quick freshen-up before hopping on our coach for our visit to the Basilica di San Francesco .. incredibly beautiful inside with mosaics and frescoes everywhere.  On our return, hubby and I took advantage of the air-conditioned pub (our room’s air-conditioning was faulty) and cooled down with a welcome chilled beer for him and for me .. a very refreshing Cinzano Gransec Spumanté Dry – Gran Cuvée .. delicious!


Dinner was served in the hotel’s dining room, which felt more like a dormitory.  Décor was very sparse and it was very noisy.  A simple, yet tasty affair, with pasta to start, chicken and salad for main and an apple dessert, I think!  (didn’t take a pic, which I should have done to refresh my memory;)

P1080779 Copy of P1080781 (2)

Next post … Basilica di San Francesco

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