Connor turned 7 yesterday !!

Connor turned 7 yesterday !!

SEVEN !!!    All the littlies are no longer littlies!!!  

Jeanette organised a ten-pin bowling party .. it was a hit!      Children and adults alike cheered in delight when pins fell !!!

I made my usual ‘Granny Speciality Choccie Cake’ … this time a 7-pin bowling lane 😉

Copy of IMG_0304 Copy of IMG_0310

Copy of IMG_0315 Copy of IMG_0320 Copy of IMG_0321 Copy of IMG_0322

Erin had two strikes  …  one after the other  …   Wowee !!!   Awesome !!  !!!

Copy of IMG_0357Copy of IMG_0358

Copy of IMG_0360… and here comes the second strike .. !!!!!!!!!!!

Copy of IMG_0362Copy of IMG_0363 Whoopeee  !!!!!!!!   .. big hug from Dad 🙂 🙂 🙂

Copy of IMG_0364 Copy of IMG_0327 Copy of IMG_0330 Copy of IMG_0334Copy of IMG_0335 Copy of IMG_0339  Copy of IMG_0326


Copy of IMG_0340

Copy of IMG_0341

Copy of IMG_0323

Copy of IMG_0343

Yaaaayyyyyy!!!   a strike for the birthday boy !!

Copy of IMG_0347

Yaaaayy  !!!!   Awesomeness !!!!

Copy of IMG_0348

Copy of IMG_0351

Copy of IMG_0355


Copy of Copy of IMG_0313

Copy of IMG_0384

Copy of IMG_0390

Copy of IMG_0394

Happy Birthday big boy !!!!   Granny and Papa love you lots and lots xxx

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