Venice .. here we come !

Venice .. here we come !

After lunch at Ravenna we were back on the highway again making our way to Venice.  It didn’t take long.    Flat farmland …  and plenty of water.  Well, we were on our way to Venice, a city built on a series of low mud banks amid the tidal waters of the Adriatic, so you would expect water !

IMG_5954 IMG_5956

Individual fishermen with small ‘huts’ with nets attached … have never seen anything like it before


Photo opportunity with Antonella and Pietro (our driver)  at our next ‘comfort break’ …

IMG_5958IMG_5959There are always opportunities for a quick browse and shopping whenever we stopped .. I didn’t buy anything but this apron caught my eye.  Rather appropriate for the forthcoming nuptials of our daughter, Elaine and Bryan a few months later ..


IMG_5960 IMG_5961

Thoughts here of my Dad again, as we passed Lake Comacchio (where he was based during WWII).   And sadly, I couldn’t get a decent photograph as the highway was lined with trees .. it was a blur of trees and water  🙁    .. but,  I did see the signpost for Lake Comacchio which went whizzing passed in a flash …. no photo either 🙁   but I have the lake and signpost in my memory

IMG_5962 IMG_5963



IMG_5965 Demarcated fishing spots.  Poles are also used for ‘right of way’ passages or lanes in the water

IMG_5966Approaching Venice along the Ponte della Libertà, which forms the causeway – with the Venice Railroad Bridge – over the Venetian Lagoon.  It’s about 4kms!


We stopped at Tronchetto and boarded the People Mover.  Not kidding!!!  The People Mover is a sort of monorail a funicular-type transport system connecting  Tronchetto (car and bus park) to Piazzale Roma … 853 metre journey which takes 3 minutes
photo from Internet


Copy of Copy of IMG_0417

Station at Piazzale Roma ..


The beauty about organised coach tours is that you don’t have to worry about your luggage .. at all!   While we made our way to the gondola ‘parking’,  our luggage was transported to our hotel on Lido di Venezia, and we gathered at the waters edge to await our ‘chariots’  !!!!!!   Yay .. a gondola ride in Venice !!!  Surreal moment!

IMG_5972Gondolas and gondoliers also gathered ..






… and while they did I didn’t waste time in capturing our surroundings ..

IMG_5973 IMG_5974 IMG_5975

Next post .. gliding along the canals of Venice, sipping champagne, all the while being serenaded by duo of musicians  🙂

All this happening on Day 6 of our tour .. we had left Assisi in the morning !

…  Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013

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  1. So great that you at least got to see Lake Comacchio and the building, but I am sure you were yearning to get off and go see the place for yourself. I really looking forward to your next post to see more of Venice.

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