Cosmos at the Parkrun : Delta Park

Cosmos at the Parkrun : Delta Park

Squeezing in-between my Italian posts :

I have been doing the Parkrun at Delta Park .. a 5 km run/walk on Saturday mornings .. for the past 8 weeks.  I started with walking the route and now I am running in parts.   I have never been a runner but I am finding I am able to run the downhills.  I will, hopefully, be able to increase my running stretches more and more.    It’s a park.   We follow a path in parts ..  a track in others.  There are three narrow bridges to cross creating bottlenecks of runners/walkers.  The ground is undulating and sometimes very uneven.

Soooo .. you have to watch your step!  I took my eyes off the uneven track .. admiring the field of cosmos ..  twisted my left ankle and fell on my right shoulder and sadly am still sore.   Both injuries are improving but shoulder not as quickly as ankle.  As a result I took my trusty camera today .. to take photographs of the cosmos … while hubby joined the +/- 500 runners/walkers .. plus quite a few dogs!!   .. plus few kiddies on bicycles !!!!

Runners/walkers gathering before the start on a very cloudy morning ..

Copy of IMG_0607 Copy of IMG_0608

Copy (2) of IMG_0612

Here they come .. !!!!    Actually it was quite weird .. you hear them before you see them.   The only sound you hear are running shoes, en masse, hitting the ground and rapid breathing .. nothing else.   Chatting accompanies the slower runners/walkers

Copy of IMG_0617

You can see the runners going down the hill close to the houses ..

Copy of IMG_0619

Copy of IMG_0623

Copy of IMG_0613

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Other runners, walkers, dogs, cyclists use the park, paths and tracks too ..

Copy of IMG_0638

Copy of IMG_0642

Copy of IMG_0643

Copy of IMG_0649 The first runners coming through .. taking it in their stride!

Copy of IMG_0650Copy of IMG_0651 This is where I took my eyes off the track to admire the cosmos !!!!!  .. and collapsed in heap!

Copy of IMG_0654Copy of IMG_0659 Copy of IMG_0661 Copy of IMG_0663 Copy of IMG_0664

Copy of IMG_0666

This little girl was riding with her dad and stopped to pick flowers for her mommy as she ran by ..

Copy of IMG_0669

Copy of IMG_0670 Copy of IMG_0671

Pierre and his son Andrew doing very well ..  (friends of Jeanette and Lance)

Copy of IMG_0672I missed  hubby coming through but spotted the ‘criminal’ being bombarded with water bombs by his mates in celebration of his bachelor party !

Copy of IMG_0677

Copy of IMG_0678

Copy of IMG_0676Copy of IMG_0698

Copy of IMG_0694


Copy of IMG_0702

Copy of IMG_0696

Copy of IMG_0703 Copy of IMG_0704

Copy (2) of IMG_0707

The tap.    A very popular reward for the dogs at the finish.  This old girl, aged 12, does the whole 5 km with her owner, who patiently encourages her all the way.  Ahh … she looks exactly like our Robbie, who passed away a few years ago.  We miss and love you big boy

Copy of IMG_0718

Copy of IMG_0713

Copy of IMG_0715 Copy of IMG_0716

…I believe next week we will be doing the route in reverse.  Haven’t tried it in reverse where there is a long uphill towards the end 🙁   I am hoping my ankle will be strong enough to give it a try 😉

Back to my Italy posts .. next !

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  1. The cosmos is stunning. Wish we had it around here as well. I like that your Park Run is like a trail run. I would really like to do trail running, but got to be careful with my bad ankles. We have a park run down on the beachfront at Hobie Beach. I just don’t get a chance to get around there by 8 on a Saturday morning.

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