Dinner on Isola Madre : Lake Maggiore

Dinner on Isola Madre : Lake Maggiore

Isola Madre is the largest of the three Lake Maggiore islands – 220m x 330 m – and has 8 hectares of botanical gardens, which we didn’t see unfortunately as we were going there for our Be My Guest dinner at Ristorante la Piratera .. our host Chef Michele Leonardi


The restaurant is in the old tower –  cannot recall what it was used for or how old it is. I thought I would be able to find the history on Internet but cannot .. pity 🙁

IMG_7064 Chef Michele Leonardi recounting the history of the island and giving us a run-down of what to look forward to on the menu … and silly me, I didn’t take a pic of the menu so therefore cannot remember what we ate.  I do remember delicious Gnocci and a fish dish .. but that’s it!!!!

Copy of IMG_7056

Copy of IMG_7057-Ristorante la PirateraOur dessert was served on the terrace as the another Trafalgar group was taking the second sitting indoors.  It was very windy outside!  I think I’ve mentioned, in an earlier post, about the other Best of Italy tour running concurrently whereby on very few occasions we were rushed at mealtimes etc.  We ended up being the lucky ones in this case, as even though time was limited before the other group arrived, we relaxed with drinks, coffee and desserts on the terrace, albeit windy, but it was lovely!! .. and they were stuck indoors 😉

Chef Michele welcoming the other group ..



Another terrace ..



Beautiful !!

IMG_7071.. and then we made our way back to our hotel for one more night before setting off for Pisa and Florence – Day 10 … leaving this glorious lake behind.  It was a super two days, very relaxing.  Tours can be quite hectic and these two days in the Italian lake region was truly wonderful!



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