On the road to Pisa

On the road to Pisa

Day 9 : Up early and ready for a looong day ahead of us .. Baveno (Lake Maggiore) in the beautiful Italian lake region, by-passing Genoa and stopping at Pisa before a two night stopover in Florence …

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Sunrise over Lake Maggiore (from our hotel room) ..


.. and snow on the Alps (also from our hotel room) …


On the road to Pisa … so close to the Alps to begin with (and hoping that this is not the last time I see the Alps)  … crossing the Plains of Lombardy and the forested Apennine Mountains.  Beautiful Italian countryside!   Also snoozing time in-between taking photos through the coach windows 🙂



Rice fields …


IMG_7103Heading towards Genoa ..


IMG_7109 IMG_7110

Genoa – capital of the Liguria region: The city dates back to 5th century BC and with it’s natural harbour and mountains to protect it, Genoa ‘rose to prominence as a sea-based power in the 11th and 12th centuries’.  It is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus in 1451.  A sprawling city, stretching along the Mediterranean for 30 kms .. as we drove from bridge to bridge, mountain to mountain, there was the city below ..

IMG_7111 IMG_7115

IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118






IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7130


A quarry in the marble-bearing hills around Carrara, Tuscany ..

IMG_7134Carrara’s almost flawless white stone has been “prized for centuries by famous sculptors from Michelangelo to Henry Moore (the stone for Michelangelo’s David came from Carrara).

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IMG_7136The region’s 300 or more quarries date back to Roman times, making this one of the oldest industrial sites in continuous use in the world.  We passed one marble yard after the other!   Intriguing .. huge white blocks of marble!!!

IMG_7137 IMG_7138



Getting closer to Pisa.   We turned off the motorway and onto a country road ..



IMG_7141IMG_7144… and seemingly out of absolute no-where we came to the Campo dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles)

IMG_7145 Next post … 🙂

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