Dining in the Chianti hills of Tuscany

Dining in the Chianti hills of Tuscany

In the early evening on our last night in Florence ( Day 11 ) we drove passed part of Florence’s original city wall …


…  into the Tuscan countryside ..

IMG_7439 IMG_7440   …. through a village ..






…  until we reached Ristorante I tre pini ( The Three Pines) our Tuscan dining experience for regional cuisine, wine and song ..  what a wonderful evening !!!


Stepping off the coach we were greeted with a welcoming drink and a smiling guitarist 🙂  ..




IMG_7451Then we were very warmly welcomed by Chef Libero   of Tre Pini, a 500 year old restored farmhouse which in by-gone days was a post house where travellers stopped to rest and change their horses before continuing along the road known as The Wine Road of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini.

Two generations of the Saraceni family .. hoteliers, restaurateurs and wine makers …  have been here since 1956 .. transforming a small cellar “into a leading player on the Italian wine scene.. ”  As well as the restaurant Chef Libero runs Tuscan cooking courses which sound amazing !!!  He goes with you to the leading market in Florence before your Tuscan culinary experience begins!!!

IMG_7455 IMG_7457

Before being seated at long tables in the garden, on this beautiful evening, we were  ‘introduced to’ and had a glass of their blue sparkling wine !!!! Pretty pretty blue!!!!!    Lovely lovely taste !!!

IMG_7462   Blumond .. ” Italian blue sparkling wine made from Prosecco grapes with an added flavour of fresh and sweet peaches”   “Excellent as an aperitif, with desserts, as well as for cocktails or simply on its own.”


Cheers !!!

IMG_7454 (3)

First there was one .. then there were two ..


.. and then there was Roberto !!!  A charming gentleman ..


.. who sang popular Italian songs and had us all singing along too …

IMG_7469 IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7475


… and who took ladies by the hand for a twirl on the dance floor …


… including me !!


The meal was incredible!     There was a table with an array of delicious anti-pasta ..  yum yum yum !!

IMG_7465 There was a choice for the main course, but I think most of us chose the succulent rare beef !!!!!    How could you not have a taste this …


IMG_7479 IMG_7481


IMG_7488 IMG_7489



Kathy celebrated her birthday with Roberto leading the singing of “Happy Birthday ”  ..  very special !

IMG_7501 Cannot recall what the cake was tho’ , could it have been a cheese?   I think so ..


…..  also cannot recall what we had for dessert !!  Maybe too much yummy Libero wines !!!!

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I took pics of almost everyone who joined us on this fabulous evening ..

Blog stuff 22

And it was .. a fabulous evening!!

Thank you, Chef Libero and family,  for your warm hospitality and delicious Tuscan food .. an experience my hubby and I will always remember

Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013

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  1. Our tour arrived via coach in April 2014 and were greeted by Libero who introduced us to Blumond. Needless to say it was the most delicious sparkling wine I’ve ever tasted. After gathering the wine bottles (we weren’t going to waste one drop) we were immersed in a gastronomical delight. After dinner some of us talked to Libero, learned about the wine and placed orders for our newly acquired tastes.
    I can’t wait to return to have dinner again at “I tre pini” and be a guest of the cooking class.

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