On a happier note in the Cape ….

On a happier note in the Cape ….

… having arrived in Cape Town at midday, Kathy and I, later that afternoon, sat on the stunning deck of the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Waterfront overlooking the sea drinking cappuccinos while we waited for a friend of hers.  They had planned to dine out in Cape Town that evening.  I had no idea where we were going.  I love Cape Town, so I knew anywhere would be awesome!!!

A cold front came over the Cape on that day with thick mist rolling in across the sea while we sat there and it got darker and colder.   Cuddled under blankets, which were handed out by waiters,  we drank hot coffee and chatted … and chatted 🙂   It was so nice!    By the time we left, the mist was very thick and the occasional fog horn was sounded.   It was lovely!!!

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Seagulls in the swimming pool!!!

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A glass of wine was definitely needed before our ‘dinner date’ .. first stop was Shimmy Beach Club, also at the Waterfront.  Deciding not to stay as it was pretty dead – probably because of the weather and/or it had been our national voting day –  we moved on to the One and Only for our much needed wine!!!    Definitely will take hubby to both places next time we visit Cape Town.

Next stop .. our dinner date at Beefcakes Burger Bar !!!!!   Not sure whether I’m 100% correct in saying this … it’s a gay bar.   ” A 50’s American diner, complete with legendary burgers, fabulous entertainment and gorgeous waiters.”

I must say, the burger I had was delicious!  Our waiter was equally so,  and the entertainment was brilliant!!

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All the gorgeous waiters on the stage have cocktail shots ..

Copy of IMG_0995

Copy of IMG_1001.. then whip off their shirts to wild applause !!!

Copy of IMG_1005Copy of IMG_1009

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Copy of IMG_1031

Our gorgeous good looking waiter 😉

Copy of IMG_1018Copy of IMG_1019Copy of IMG_1028It was great!!!!   Awesome fun!!!   Thanks so much Kathy and Diane!!  It wasn’t on my bucket list, but it’s ticked off anyway !!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. It was great having you here, but it was much too short 🙁 love you loads xxxxx

  2. Interesting. On the one side it would be really interesting going to a spot like that and on the other side I’m not really interested in being served by a guy with no shirt on. Any female spots like this?…….

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