Dingle Peninsula 2 : Travel Reminiscences

Dingle Peninsula 2 : Travel Reminiscences

Continuing our drive around the Dingle Peninsula (see previous post) .. having left Fahan and the beehive huts, our next photo-opportunity-stop was Slea Head ..

IMG_9593- Slea HeadP1090118

P1090119-at the point - Slea Head As you round the Slea Head (Ceann Sléibe) promontory there is a sculpture of the Crucifixion beside the road.    It is known locally as the Cross (An Cros).   The Blasket Islands come into view ..

P1090121- Blasket Islands across from Slea Head

Looking back to the Ring of Kerry ..

P1090123-looking back to the Ring of Kerry from Slea Head

While we were admiring the seascape and islands, two girls on hired bicycles stopped for a breather on their way round the entire peninsula.  That would be awesome to do!!!!  ..

P1090124-met up with two girls who cycled the Dingle PeninsulaWe shared photo opportunities 🙂  we took a windswept pic of them and they took a windswept pic of us..

IMG_9597- Slea Head

… and off they went …


P1090127We stopped again further up the road ..


Hubby was taking photos of this magnificent beach .. this glorious Irish setting was captured in the 1970’s award winning film ‘Ryan’s daughter’

P1090128 IMG_9599P1090129

P1090132-from carpark Cafe Slea Head

P1090133Hot coffee and a bite to eat was needed at this point !

P1090139-from carpark of Cafe Slea Head

.. and it was superb!!   Hot coffee with fresh farm milk and the most delicious strawberry cake .. still warm from the oven… served with the most delicious fresh clotted cream!!    As we walked inside, we were warmly welcomed, as we were everywhere we went, in Ireland, and were told about the freshly baked strawberry cake.  How could we not have a large slice each!   Hubby and I often talk about it .. 5 years later!!!!!! We ate every morsel!!

P1090135-absolutely delicious-freshly baked strawberry cake- was still warm

P1090136 (2)-coffee and fresh cake with clotted creamP1090137


Happy tummies and warmed from the inside, we drove to the other side of the beach …

Copy of P1090140IMG_9601

Copy of P1090142

Copy of P1090143

Copy of P1090144

Copy of Copy of P1090145

Copy of Copy of P1090146

Copy of Copy of P1090147

That’s me in action !!!  (with my old Panasonic camera) ..


Copy of P1090148 Copy of P1090149 Back in the car again …



P1090158We didn’t drive further along the coastal road but headed across the peninsula to the main road to Adare ..

Copy of P1090161-we cut across country to get to main road to Adare Copy of P1090162 Copy of P1090163 Copy of P1090164

Copy of P1090165

One of the villages on the way to Adare where we spent two nights.  There were O’Connor pubs and shops in just about every city, town and village!!

P1090166-one of the villages on way to Adare-Co LimerickGoing through these photographs are bringing back wonderful memories of beautiful Ireland!!!

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