Kilkenny, Ireland : Travel Reminiscences

Kilkenny, Ireland : Travel Reminiscences

Going through some of our Ireland holiday pics in October 2009, has brought back many wonderful memories of Ireland, and as I’ve mentioned previously, I didn’t blog in any detail ‘way back then’!!     There is no post on Kilkenny at all … soooo .. here’s Kilkenny Castle and a few pics of Kilkenny in Co. Kilkenny.  Five years have passed, hopefully it all looks the same today 😉

Using Waterford as our base for two nights we ventured out to see the land of Kilkenny beer !!!   And, I might add, there wasn’t any Kilkenny to be had!!!  Not where we went anyway.  Probably if we’d had more time there, we would have found some 😉  We had been to the awesome Waterford Crystal Showroom first so the rest of the day was driving to and from Kilkenny .. through the glorious Irish countryside, towns and villages 🙂

Kilkenny rose to prominence in the 13th century and became the medieval capital of Ireland.

The River Nore ..

P1080607-River Nore - Kilkenny


Kilkenny Castle overlooks the River Nore and St John’s Bridge ..

P1080610- Kilkenny Castle


The Norman Castle was built in 1195 by William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke to control a fording point of the River Nore and the junction of several route ways.




P1080612- Kilkenny Castle




Within the Castle gate ….

IMG_9370Obviously no photography was permitted inside because I don’t have any ;), but I remember going up and down stairs and into several rooms including a magnificent art gallery … The Long Gallery, with its striking 19th century hammer-beam and glass roof

P1080619   P1080621 P1080622IMG_9371 IMG_9372 IMG_9373P1080618P1080620

IMG_9374 IMG_9375

Formal garden of Kilkenny Castle ..


P1080630 P1080631

P1080634 P1080635


IMG_9377 IMG_9378



River Nore runs flows passed Kilkenny Castle


P1080632Opposite the castle gate is the Kilkenny Design Centre, which was once the castle’s stable block ..

P1080623-Kilkenny Design Centre-opposite castle


P1080636- Soccer bunting at windows

P1040442- Kilkenny  P1040443- Kilkenny

2009 prices!

P1040444- KilkennyP104044518th century City Hall (Tholsel)

P1040446- High Street - 18th Century Tholsel (City Hall) with clock tower


The Butter Slip .. an alley named after the butter stalls that once lined a small market place ..

P1040450- 'Butter Slip' - alley once lined market place with butter stalls


We made our way back to our hotel in Waterford via Wexford and crossing the Waterford Harbour on a car ferry from Co. Wexford to Co. Waterford …. next post in my series of Travel Reminiscences 🙂



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  1. What a wonderful post! I remember some parts of Kilkenny that bring me back in time. It’s been a while that I don’t travel around Ireland so thanks for these beautiful photographs. Loved all the castle details 🙂

  2. I love castles and history as much as beautiful scenery and nature. This place is ideal for me

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