Kilkenny to Waterford, Ireland : Travel Reminiscences

Kilkenny to Waterford, Ireland : Travel Reminiscences

10 day self-drive tour of Ireland : October 2009

Returning from Kilkenny to Waterford, hubby and I took a different route via New Ross, Wexford and crossing the Waterford Harbour on a car ferry ..

P1080638- on our way to New Ross then Wexford

Amazing how front doors of houses in villages are literally right on the road!!!  ..

P1080639- front doors right on the road in villages

P1080640- houses right on the road in villages P1080641 All towns and villages had soccer bunting spanning roads, in windows and over doors .. very festive ..


P1080642- soccer flags (bunting)P1080649P1080645- Irish countryside - River NoreCopy of P1080646


P1080648P1080652P1080654 P1080655

The Irish Sea at Wexford ..

IMG_9384P1080658-WexfordP1080659-WexfordIMG_9383 Another thing we noticed about Ireland .. there was no litter!!   Such a pleasure!!


P1080663-Wexford Harbour

At that time, there were Tourist Information Centres everywhere  (hopefully they still are)   Having spoken to the very friendly lady in the one at Wexford Harbour we decided to take her advice and drive along the coastal road to Ballyhack to catch the ferry across the Waterford Harbour.   We had to catch the last ferry of the day so we couldn’t dilly and dally dawdle along the way.  We made it in time .. that’s our car waiting in Ballyhock for the ferry to come from Passage East across the harbour …

P1080664-Ferry - Ballyhack Co Wexford


P1080666-Ballyhack - waiting for Ferry to cross to Waterford P1080667

P1080670 P1080671

Ballyhack is a small village with a 15th century Norman castle (a large tower house) is thought to have been built c.1450 by the Knights Hospitallers of St John ..

P1080673- Ballyhack Castle- 1450 A local fisherman was happy to pose for me 🙂  He said he was waiting for his friend to come in.  No doubt they were off the pub afterwards !!

P1080677 P1080675 P1080676

P1080679- Ferry from Ballyhack to Passage East (Waterford)


I’ve realised I’ve got so much more of Ireland to share and will endeavour to put up a few more posts before hubby and I go on a local holiday on Wednesday.  We’ll be away for two and half weeks .. putting our toes in the sea and sand on the Kwa Natal North Coast and then for a few days in the mountains of the Drakensberg.

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