We’ve been back a week already !!

We’ve been back a week already !!

I feel so bad .. I haven’t blogged since our return, a week ago,  from a fabulous holiday by the sea (Ballito, KwaZulu Natal) and in the mountains (The Cavern, KwaZulu Natal) !!

As this was the first ‘seaside’ holiday without any of our children at all, I had nothing to take photos of !!!!!  .. except sea, sand, shells, sunrises, sea, sky, toes in the sand, sea, dusk, sea, toes in the sea, sea and more sea !!!!!!    I am hoping I won’t be too boring on the seascapes 😉  but I love the sea.  Living in the landlocked city of Johannesburg, a coastal holiday is magical!  I absolutely love the colours.   To fill the lungs with sea air, to watch the sun rise over the sea, to walk on the sand, to swim in the warm Indian Ocean (which I did every day!) …. to rest and relax .. to rejuvenate oneself.

And the mountains of the panoramic Drakensberg … is just .. well .. spectacular!

So …. here’s a taste of what I will be sharing.  A photographic journey with very few words in-between …

A spectacular sunrise !!




The North Coastal region of KwaZulu Natal is known as the Dolphin Coast.  These beauties swim up and down the coast on a daily basis …

Copy of IMG_1812IMG_1964IMG_1197We met up with friends who we haven’t seen for 30 years!!  It was wonderful!!  When we moved to this country in 1974, we had no family or friends in this city.  Hubby bumped into Neville at a cricket game soon after we arrived here.  They had been in primary school together!  Neville and Melanie introduced us to Rob and Lyn, also newly arrived in this city, and also from our home country, Rhodesia.  After a couple of fabulous years together Neville and Melanie moved to Durban and we lost touch sadly.  A few years later Rob and Lyn moved to Australia … we have kept in touch since then.    One day we must have a reunion !!




Hubby and I spent a day down at the South Coast visiting my cousin, Barry, who I haven’t seen for 5 or 6 years.  I’m going to dedicate an entire blog post on my very interesting cousin who has the most fascinating collections of all sorts of collectables !!





IMG_1754 IMG_1850


Beautiful evening colours ..


… and there were the mountains ..

Copy of IMG_2421

On top of Surprise Ridge …. there’s a village way, way down below!  .. those little white dots ..



Copy of IMG_2221

IMG_2174 IMG_2301 IMG_2315 IMG_2385 IMG_2396




More to come .. 😉

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