Daddies and dolphins !!

Daddies and dolphins !!

Cheers to all dads, daddies, fathers, grandfathers, grandpas, granddads, papas .. …. .. and my hubby 🙂 on Fathers Day !!!!

IMG_1774 IMG_1785

…. and cheers and to all the beautiful creatures of the sea .. bulls amongst them in this playful pod of dolphins …

Copy of IMG_1800

Copy of IMG_1807

Copy of IMG_1808

Copy of IMG_1812

Copy of IMG_1814


Copy of IMG_1815

Copy of IMG_1819

Copy of IMG_1821

Copy of IMG_1822

And to my darling Daddy sitting on a cloud up in heaven, beer in one hand, cigar in the other .. love and miss you so very much xxx

Ballito, KwaZulu Natal: May/June 2014



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