Spending a few days in the Drakensberg

Spending a few days in the Drakensberg



Hubby and I have been to The Cavern, a friendly family hotel  over the years, the last time being February last year when I celebrated my 60th birthday with all our children and grandchildren.  That was very, very special!


At that time, mid-summer,  it was lush and green with waterfalls coming down mountains and muddy underfoot on hiking trails.  This time – winter – the grass was golden, trickling water and dry footpaths.  We were, I was, hoping for snow especially on our last day as a cold front swept across the country but it didn’t happen.   We had super days, walking on the hiking trails …. and evenings sitting by log fires sipping wine

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IMG_2043 IMG_2046 IMG_2048

IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2220


IMG_2263 IMG_2278

Bauhinia galpinii – ‘Pride of De Kaap’

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Path to the Spa where I enjoyed a marvellous foot massage after one of our long hikes .. IMG_2186

Tree-hugging a tall Outeniqua Yellowwood, our National Tree, abundant in our natural forests ..

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The Cavern follow a natural regeneration programme:  Extremely tall pine trees, which send their large cones hurtling down in strong winds .. unlucky you, if you are walking underneath!!! …. are aliens planted many years ago.  ” As they grew, birds from the nearby Fern Forest visited, bringing seeds of wild trees in their droppings.  Sixteen species are now growing, copying the regeneration that takes place in natural forest.  As the pines age and die a new forest will take over.  In most of The Cavern grounds bird-planted trees are allowed to grow

Alien pines ..

IMG_2188 IMG_2190


Since our last visit, a new wine cellar has been added …



Behind hubby is a very small door!   There is another door for normal sized folk!

IMG_2051IMG_2053 IMG_2054Our secluded room was at the end, to the right of the furthest  thatched building with a super view and sunrises through the valley …






Copy of Copy of IMG_2284


Our room no. …


Fern Forest trail starts down the grassy slope ..

IMG_2082 (2)

Beautifully shaped Acacia tree standing centre stage …


We woke up to quietness.   Only the sound of birdsong and rippling waters from the river below ..


.. and golden sunrises ..

Copy of IMG_2206Copy of IMG_2210

… spreading golden light on a rambling Black Eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata) at our front door ..

Copy of IMG_2211.. and touching the delicate flowers of a polygala myrtiflora ..

Copy of IMG_2216

When the sun shone brightly the sunbirds hopped from flower to flower on the aloes planted around our little patio ..

Copy of IMG_2092

Copy of IMG_2094

… and this was our room 🙂  …   very, very nice, not so?


It’s little touches that make all the difference.  When I was outside taking photographs while hubby was reading snoozing I bumped into Sipho (our guide on one of our hikes) delivering small notes to each room …



.. and ….  just because I don’t know where to slot these two pics, I’m putting them here …


One of the three Cavern doggies ….  isn’t she gorgeous?   Look at that face 🙂


Mountains and walking trails to follow 😉

The Cavern, Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal:  June 2014

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  1. Oh I am so jealous. Would love to visit the Drakensberg again. Well, actually we are. We are going camping in the Southern Berg in December, but wouldn’t mind a few days here without the KidZ

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