Ho hum .. what to blog about next !

Ho hum .. what to blog about next !

No more travelling for the time being, until our next visit down to the Cape, mainly to see my Mum.   We are thinking of going down by car again and possibly down the Garden Route, as we did a few years ago,  towards October/November.  That’s as far as our planning has got.

Shall I continue with our  ‘travel reminiscences’ ?    I still have several more places of interest in Ireland that I haven’t blogged about at all.  And possibly snippets of our beautiful country .. places we’ve been to before I started blogging.   We haven’t really travelled far and wide in this country which is sad, but having a family we tended to go back to places we enjoyed most.  I shall trawl through past photos and see what I can find

In the meantime .. here’s one more bird pic 😉    .. a Hoopoe looking for a juicy worm under the frozen lawn ..

Copy of IMG_2525 …

4 Replies to “Ho hum .. what to blog about next !”

  1. The Garden Route sounds like the perfect idea.
    You should do posts about Jozi things. I follow Heather mason of 2Summers and she writes great posts about Jburg and has a good following because of it. Also, keep sharing the older stuff you haven’t blogged about

    1. Thanks Jonker. I don’t have anything to blog about Jozi – we don’t go anywhere exciting. My life revolves around the area we live in and the kiddies. Rather boring wouldn’t you say!!
      Will carry on with the older stuff that hasn’t been blogged about 🙂

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