I’ve taught them well …

I’ve taught them well …

.. my grandsons, that is ūüėČ

I had to smile yesterday when I saw an apple core in the bird feeder .. put there by Connor the previous day ūüôā¬† Every afternoon the Bradley and Connor play soccer in the garden.¬† It’s really awesome that they play sport at school, know the rules (somewhat, in Connor’s case) and can adapt the games¬†to a small space like my garden.¬†¬†The fear of breaking windows is huge!!!¬†¬† ¬†They have free reign in my pantry and fridge too (to a point ūüėČ ) with Connor often¬†helping himself to¬†an apple .. as he did on Friday¬†munching it while played soccer.

Instead of throwing the apple core in the bin, which I think is such a waste as the birds need it more than the garbage dump does, (and he knows how I feel) he put it in the bird feeder  ..

Copy of IMG_2552

I have looked after Bradley on a daily basis, since the age of 4 months when Jeanette went back to work after maternity leave.¬†¬†¬† Baby and child care includes singing, playing, reading and keeping a baby and child¬†stimulated (when awake).¬†¬† One of the¬†things I taught Bradley was the names of all the birds that come visiting¬†to my garden.¬† He knew them all.¬† He even got to know some of their calls.¬†¬† Jeanette¬†dropped him off early in the morning so I gave him breakfast.¬† After breakfast, I would take him¬†outside to feed the birds.¬† We did this every day and we often sat on the garden bench¬†watching them.¬† When he went to nursery school the teacher was¬†amazed that he knew all the names of all the birds in the school’s garden!

¬†I need a bird pic here ūüėȬ† ¬†…..¬†¬† Red billed hoopoes with their backs to the yesterday’s weak morning sun when I was scooting around the garden¬†taking pics of¬†the heavy frost and frozen bird bath, yet again¬†(two days¬†in a row)

Copy of IMG_2560

It’s wonderful being a Granny and knowing that I’ve played a part¬†in their young lives


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