Ho hum .. I have a dilemna

Ho hum .. I have a dilemna

I’m running out of space on WordPress ūüôĀ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I don’t know how many more photographs and stories I can squeeze onto my current WordPress¬†blog

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Do I pay an annual fee to continue on WordPress or do I ask Bryan to set up my own website ?   I like the back-up of WordPress, which I find easy to use.   Seeing I am computer illiterate, will I have to keep running to Bryan for help when I click on the wrong thing and cause chaos on my blog!!!!!!!

What to do .. what to do … … …


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  1. You can host a WordPress blog on my domain setup if you like.
    You’ll also be able to import it all from here so you won’t lost your history

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