Boys rated my hamburgers ..

Boys rated my hamburgers ..

Sooo… my grandsons, Bradley and Connor, rated my hamburgers on a par – or just about anyway – with Wimpy!!!!   I was shocked !!!   .. and dismayed 🙁

Does this look like a Wimpy hamburger ?  !!   Succulent beef patty served on fresh lettuce, topped with sliced tomato and a dash of tomato sauce – nothing fancy but tasty  (hubby and I had them today for lunch)

Copy of IMG_2692

I’ve often make homemade burgers for a Sunday lunch if I just cannot think of anything else to serve.  My family have always loved my burgers.  I use fresh free-range extra lean mince .. add crushed garlic, grated onion, herbs, salt and pepper.  Mix with egg, dash of flour and breadcrumbs.  Herbs are always fresh from the garden ie thyme, marjoram and origanum plus parlsey.  The latter is not from the garden as, for some reason, I cannot grow parsley!!!!

I pan-fry them with a little Extra Virgin oil in a le Creuset skillet

A week or so ago Jeanette’s blog post was about the boys rating hamburgers

Connor voted mine equal … equal !!!  to Wimpy ;    Bradley voted mine above Wimpy … just !!

I never eat bought hamburgers (except when on a road trip when there’s nothing else edible-looking to eat)   Hubby has them occasionally and always has one on road trips when stopping for a bite to eat at midday.

I think, no matter where I am rated by the boys, I will continue to make patties my way 🙂    why should I change 😉


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  1. LOL, love the photo!
    I wouldn’t take their ratings to heart, it’ll change soon enough. Your burgers are very similar to one at the top of Bradley’s list.

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