Throwback Thursdays : picture quality 1972-74

Throwback Thursdays : picture quality 1972-74

Most of my Throwback Thursdays pics will be from way-way-back-when … when we were young … when photo developing was not that good … when I decided that ‘matt’ finish photos were great (as it turns out they’re not .. years later 🙁 ) … when many of my photographs have turned brown due to poor quality 35mm films … when there were only 12, 24 or 36 exposures … when you had to be rather choosy on what you wanted to photograph … when if someone wasn’t smiling, turned away at that precise moment, or closed their eyes, you couldn’t click another, and another, and another until you got the perfect shot … … … …

Todays ‘way-back-when’  pics are …  still focuses on  Jeanette .. when we, our little family, were three

IMG_2695- Nov 72 - J 5mths

Jeanette - 10mths April 73

IMG_2698-  Feb 74

IMG_2699- March 74Jeanette on toy horse - Dec 74

Xmas Day 1974 P,A&J


J & Michelle - Xmas Day 74

How sad is that .. to have all our most of our ‘memories’  badly printed 🙁   I’ve kept all of the negatives.   Those with perfect colour can, I suppose, be reprinted but the yellowed/browned ones can’t as the negatives have also turned brown 🙁   Very poor quality 35mm film

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