Throwback Thursday: Our family was growing

Throwback Thursday: Our family was growing

Carl was born in Feb 1975 …. this was the day we brought him home from the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Johannesburg .. he was 3 weeks old … Jeanette was 2 and half

Copy of Copy of Carl 3wks with Jeanette March 75He weighed 1.6kg at birth – not a prem baby but due to me having high blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy it prevented him from gaining weight in the womb but still grew to full term.    All sorts of things could have gone wrong but they didn’t.  I have always said he was meant to be born .. he was meant to be here … there will be a reason why.   And there was .. he became a paramedic with a degree in Emergency Care and was ‘on the road’ for 15 years, saving countless lives.  That’s my boy!!!    He had to stay in the premmie ward until he gained enough weight to come home.   Cannot remember what that was but I do remember by the time he was 6 weeks old, he was the average weight of a newborn!!

OMW … Connor has the same facial expressions as Jeanette!!

IMG_2664-Carl 4wks ?


Copy of IMG_2668-6wks-March 75

Carl 6 wks April 75

Carl 11 wks & A May 75 Carl 11 wks, J nearly 3yrs & P May 75

Carl 6mths and P Sept 75

Carl 6mths and A Sept 75

My favourite photo ..

Carl 6mths and Jeanette Sept 75 _0001

Carl 7mths and Jeanette picnic Oct 75

Carl running at Norfolk Rd June 76Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs.  As I said in a previous ‘throwback Thursday’ post lots of the 35mm film used were of poor quality and lots of my photographs were developed in matt finish (only realising the poor quality as the years pass and photographs memories fade)   Such a pity 🙁   .. and I didn’t have a flash


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