Throwback Thursday : Our cottage 1976/77 ….

Throwback Thursday : Our cottage 1976/77 ….

…. and our children were growing

In the December of 1975,  hubby and I had had enough of flat living in Windsor, Randburg and found a cottage to rent on a small holding in Honeydew.  The owner of the property was an orchard grower, for export, and had three cottages which were rented out.  The property used to be a pig farm.

This was our cottage.    I might add here that it no longer exists.  The area is now part of the huge informal settlement of Zandspruit.  As years passed, driving passed it on Beyers Naudé, we watched the trees die off and little bit by little bit, ‘our cottage’  was vandalised and stripped of everything.  It was later knocked down completely.  No doubt the bricks were used for something

Copy of our cottage, Zandspruit-Honeydew - March 1977

It was very basic .. two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge/dining room, and a very basic kitchen.   The floors were concrete.  It was pretty chilly in winter, but there was a wonderful fireplace which worked like a bomb!!

But .. it had a garden and space for children to play.

Jan 1976 - Carl

Precarious walker !!!   It would never pass a safety inspection today !!

Jan 1976- J and C at cottage_0001

Copy of IMG_2688-May76

Cottage ..J and C washing car Aug 76

Slipping in a few pics in-between those at the cottage but still in ’76/’77 :
Salisbury, Rhodesia before my eldest brother’s wedding ..

Copy of IMG_2689-June76

Copy of IMG_2682-Dec76

Copy of IMG_2680-Jan 77

June 1977- J,&CJune 1977- A,J,&C_0001

In December 1977 we spent Christmas in Rhodesia.  Because of the Terrorist War, we decided to send the children to their Granny’s by plane, while hubby and I travelled by road, catching the military convoys.    Carl will always recount the story of me sending him (who wasn’t quite 3 years old!!!) and his big sister  off on a plane to Rhodesia!!   He always leaves out the fact that my Mum travelled with them 😉   Look at that sad face 🙁    We all travelled back by car, catching the military convoys .. much to the delight of the children!   Real soldiers and real guns!!

Dec 1977


Dec 1977 - Norfolk Road, Salisbury

We stayed in the cottage for nearly 3 years, until we couldn’t handle the rats any longer!  Being a small holding, there was no garbage collection – we had milk deliveries (!!) but no garbage collection.   There was a rubbish pit for each cottage which we had to burn on a regular basis.  But .. the rats arrived .. one rat led to two .. and the two multiplied!!   Being a flat roofed dwelling we couldn’t put poison in the ceiling (we used to hear them scurry back and forth, especially at night!   We had a dog, so we had to be careful with poison anyway.  The last straw came (two actually!)  when I went into the children’s room only to find Carl’s dressing gown buttons had been eaten off .. all of them!!!   The dressing gown had been at the foot of his bed!!!!!!!  The second incident that really sticks my mind is when Jeanette went to the lounge to fetch her doll from a dolly pram, one morning, and screamed !!!!!   The whole face of the doll had been eaten!!!    We used to hear the rats in the rooms at night!   I cringe when I think of it now.  Thank heavens we didn’t get ill !

We had to move!!!!

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  1. Aww.. Rastus was the best dog ever !!!… Scary stuff about the rats, and just today the news reported about a 1 year old in Alex having 3 of his fingers bitten off while sleeping

  2. Another interesting trip down memory lane! I love Carl’s recollection of being sent away! And Jeanette’s socks in the 1977 pictures. Love it

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