Throwback Thursday : our new home .. 1979

Throwback Thursday : our new home .. 1979

The week has flashed by and it’s Thursday yet again … it’s nearly Friday, but I still qualify for a Throwback Thursday post as I have two hours to go before ‘Cinderella time’  when Friday begins !!!

The homes we have lived in comes to an end in this post .. we still live here!!!  We started building in Weltevreden Park in late 1979 and moved into our new home in February 1980.  Foundations marked out …

Copy of 20100202073749249_0001

Jeanette and Carl on foundations  … which always look so small and compact compared to a house with walls separating rooms from rooms

Copy of 20100203083213042_0004

Copy of 20100203083213042_0003

The kiddies peering through the serving hatch between dining room and kitchen

Copy of Inside house - hatch - Nov 1979

Copy of Inside house - Nov 1979

Copy of 20100203083213042_0001


Copy of 20100202073940101_0001


Copy of 20100202074034760_0001

IMG_3961-wideangled-May2013 2010_01_12



My garden changes gradually as time goes by.  Trees grow providing shade and plants have to change accordingly.  Trees die or are chopped down to make way for a garage, or are diseased or struck by lightening (which has been the case most of the time) and accordingly, surrounding plants cope with the changes or are moved to other spots


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