Some Spring flowers in my garden

Some Spring flowers in my garden

It’s been a little chaotic in our house lately with the Verster family staying with us while they do a revamp to theirs …. five and half weeks to be exact!   Tomorrow they are moving back.   Our house will become empty again 🙁   I have loved having them.  I have loved having the boys everyday and all day.  I will miss their morning chatter on waking.  I will miss them helping me feed Jackie, give her her daily treat, pick herbs for my cooking, and … I will miss them peel potatoes !!!!!!   I will miss their goodnight hugs and kisses.  I will miss them xxx

I will miss Jeanette.  Having her to chat with every day has been fabulous.  I see her most days … when life was normal … when she fetches the boys in the evenings … but she’s usually in a hurry and pretty stressed from a day at work.  I will miss you my girl xxx

Our home has always been ‘lived’ in, if you know what I mean.   It felt like, for these past four and half weeks, as if it’s been ‘lived in’ again.   I’ve loved it 🙂

But ….   I’ve been slacking a bit with my postings … soooo  in the meantime here are some Spring flowers in my garden .. just to let you know I am still here 😉

California poppy ..

Collages123 Flowering quince ..

Copy of IMG_3060

Opening bud of ‘My Granny’  rose  ..

Copy of IMG_3062

Clivia …

Copy of IMG_3068

Petrea …

Copy of Collages125

Cape May …

Copy of IMG_3080

Christmas cactus …

Copy of IMG_3088

Christmas cactus …

Copy of IMG_3095

Periwinkle (vinca) ..

Copy of IMG_3100

Lavender …

Copy of IMG_3102

Freesia …

Copy of IMG_2968

Jasmine …

Copy of IMG_2986

Brunfelsia (yesterday, today and tomorrow) ..

Copy of IMG_3047 (2)

Banksia roses …

Collages126🙂   🙂   🙂

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  1. Very beautiful! I love when bloggers from the Southern Hemisphere post their spring pictures while we in the North start experiencing autumn. It’s pretty neat to see and reminds me of what a big world we live in.

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