Throwback Thursday : highlights of 1982

Throwback Thursday : highlights of 1982

Thursdays are coming around rather quickly lately !!!   Time for photos from way-back-when 😉

My son Carl was given a kitty for his 7th birthday !!  One of his little school friends came to his party with a kitten on her shoulder … a birthday present!!   A bit of a cheek actually  .. but little kitty stayed.    The following year she had 5 gorgeous kittens of her own .. we kept one and gave the others away to good homes.  Whiskey was about 20  when she died .. a good age!    Here she is with Jeanette a few weeks after her surprise arrival into our home .. and hearts

Jeanette and Whiskey - March 1982

In this year, we had our swimming pool built ….

New Pool - July 1982

New Pool 1 - July 1982New Pool 2 - July 1982

New Pool 4 - Aug 1982Collages129

This is what it looks like now …

Copy of Copy of IMG_3241

Giggles and laughter:   My Mum and Dad travelled down from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe to spend Christmas with us.  Much hilarity when, one evening, they were showing Jeanette how to measure parts of the body ie  circumference of neck = measurement between thumb and middle finger … length of foot = length of forearm etc  🙂

Measuring - Dec 1982..

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