Just flowers

Just flowers

I know I planned to do a post or two on Dublin (our 2009 holiday) but have been busy in the garden lately.  With spring/early summer there are jobs that need doing 🙂     Soooo .. here are some flower photos I’ve taken recently..

Red rose .. no idea it’s name!  I grew two bushes from cuttings

Copy of IMG_3131Copy of IMG_3162

Sylvia rose …

Copy of IMG_3142

Queen Elizabeth rose …


Banksia rose …

Copy of IMG_3161

Perlargonium ..

Copy of IMG_3193

Murraya exotica (mock orange)

Copy of IMG_3196

Lavender ..

Copy of IMG_3184

Bougainvillea ..

Copy of IMG_3167 Copy of IMG_3170

Iceberg rosebud ..

Copy of IMG_3179

Ladybird having nibbly bits ..

Copy of IMG_3187 Copy of IMG_3188

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