Sharifa … one of my favourite roses

Sharifa … one of my favourite roses

October means it’s rose time.  I don’t have many rose varieties in my garden but those that I do have are grown for specific reasons  .. except the icebergs  .. which I love as they are easy to care for and always full of blooms throughout the summer months.  I have several good ol’ whites and pink  ‘simplicity’s, and one of each ‘burgundy’ and ‘brilliant’.   One of my favourites grown-for-specific-reasons is Sharifa Asma, a David Austin English Rose

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Many years ago I was wondering through the roses section of Lifestyle Garden Centre sniffing every single rose!!!  I was looking for something that had a perfume!!  So many roses don’t have a perfume anymore, as they did when I was a little girl.  Every rose seemed to have a scent, be it strong or faint.   While I had gone through the entire section and ultimately getting rather confused and quite ‘heady’, a lovely man with short beard and cap on head asked me if he could assist.  We discussed various roses and then he showed me his favourite .. a beautiful short but full bloomed frilly pale pink rose with the most gorgeous perfume.    Perfect!!   It was the one that caught my ‘nose’  more than any other

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Little did I know then, that he was Mr Ludwig ….  of Ludwig Roses.    Only few years later I realised who this lovely-man-with-short-beard-and-cap-on-head was.     I saw his photograph and article on Ludwig Roses in a gardening magazine

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It’s also the rose I call ‘Daddy’s rose’  as .. I have mentioned this before .. I was in the middle of planting it when my sister in law phoned telling me that my Dad had passed away

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