My first road race !!

My first road race !!

This morning Jeanette and I participated in the Spars Women’s Race – I did the 5km and Jeanette did the 10km.  Jeanette has been a member of Run/Walk for Life since the beginning of the year, increasing her distances gradually and doing extremely well, I must say!!   I am very proud of you my girl 🙂    Her goal being the half marathon at the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town next year, Easter weekend.

Me ?   I do the 5 km Delta parkrun most Saturdays … walking most the way and jogging down hills (if my piriformis syndrome can take the pressure!!!!)  On average I do it in 48 mins (my PB is 45:15)

When Jeanette suggested I join her for the Spars Women’s Race I jumped to the idea 🙂  It would be a breeze .. it’s on the road all the way.  No negotiating wonky paths and stones and skipping around doggies and leads!!!!    It was great fun!!  Packed to capacity with thousands of runners/walkers.  Some men too, in fact quite a lot of men!  They were all supposed to be dressed as women!   Majority were, some weren’t.

I took my little camera with me to take piccies along the way.  An Instagram photo(which is in the side bar of my blog, and which I don’t know how to transfer from phone to blog !!!)   … was taken by Jeanette’s friend before the race  —–>

My time was roughly 54:36 and Jeanette’s was 1hr 10min  .. cutting off at least 5 minutes from those times because of the hold-up at the start

Copy of P1080960

Copy of P1080961

Copy of P1080967

Copy of P1080965Copy of P1080969At last .. going through the Start ..  (a camera man happened to take a picture when I took a picture .. hence the flash !)

Copy of P1080970 Copy of P1080972

A sea of people in front and behind …  this is all the 5 km race. 10km race took a different route

Copy of P1080973Copy of P1080976Copy of P1080977Copy of P1080979Copy of P1080980

Copy of P1080982 Copy of P1080984 Copy of P1080985 Copy of P1080986 Copy of P1080988 Copy of P1080990

Copy of P1080991 Copy of P1080993

Copy of P1080994

My time …

Copy of P1080995

Copy of P1080998

Here comes Jeanette (in the yellow top)…

Copy of P1080999 Copy of P1090001 Copy of P1090002 Copy (2) of P1090003Well done my girl 🙂

Copy of P1090004

My first medal!!!  Whoo hooo !

Copy of P1080997

It was super !!!!   When is the next one ? !!! 😉


5 Replies to “My first road race !!”

  1. Love The photos 🙂 so glad you enjoyed it mom! It was awesome going with you 🙂
    Congrats on your first ever medal!
    Glad you got the 3 guys in their boobtubes. They ran past me at about 9km complaining about sore nipples! Such fun!

  2. Nice! Well done! Very good time. And you took lots of lovely pictures. I also did the 5km pushing my daughter in her stroller! But couldn’t get as many picture . It was fun race and quite a flat route. I hear the 10k had some steep hills!

    And congrats on your first medal.

    There’s one on the 26th of October 5 and 8km walk Avon Ithemba starting at marks park. I love that one because it is for breast cancer awareness and survivors usually get to run for free. And another in November sisters with blisters (to spread awareness about domestic violence) usually in sandton 4 and 8km . Otherwise the next spar race around here is next year’August in centurion!!!

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