In my garden ..

In my garden ..

A few piccies from my garden just to say hello .. and I’m still here 😉  I am putting together an ‘exploring Dublin’  post … it’s coming .. soon 😉  In between all the things I do during the day, for the last three months or so I have been to physio, chiropractor and now a biokineticist to ‘fix’ my piriformis syndrome.  Physio and chiropractor worked for a while and then pain comes back.  My next step was the bio.  I went last week for my first session and nearly died!!!!   She put all her weight into her elbow which was deep into the glute area pinpointing this ‘pesky’  piriformis muscle.  Tears rolled down my cheeks from pain and I gripped the bars on her massage bed ever so tightly!!!   Oh my word !!!!  I was in agony!!!  But it worked .. yay !!!!  and I feel so much better !     Very, very bruised .. but I can walk without sciatic pain shooting down my left leg.  It’s wonderful!!

BUT .. I am going for my second appointment tomorrow .. and I am petrified!!!  She said she will do half an hour massage (torture in my book!!!) then half an hour exercises.  We need to get to the bottom (‘scuse the pun) of the cause of the problem.  I’ve been doing yoga and pilates for about 15 years or more, I shouldn’t be pulling muscles at this stage.  I think it’s an age thing but I’m not letting this defeat me !!

Back to my garden ..

Tiny miniature rose … flower is 3cm wide and bush only reaches 50cm.   I’ve had it for many many years in the garden  …  cute hey?

IMG_3418 (copy)

Some sweetpeas are still flowering despite the heat here ..

Copy of IMG_3349

Barberton Daisy – gerbera jamesonii

Copy of IMG_3351

Carpet Rose pink …

Copy of IMG_3353 Copy of IMG_3354

Agapanthus dripping with water drops …  sprinkler, not rain sadly (we are needing rain right now!)

Copy of IMG_3363

Burgundy Iceberg …

Copy of IMG_3366

Lobelia …

Copy of IMG_3377

Budding Gaura …

Copy of IMG_3381


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