Throwback Thursdays : Highlights of 1984

Throwback Thursdays : Highlights of 1984

This was the year my younger brother, Ian, married the love of his life, best friend and soul mate, Kathy … and they chose our garden for their nuptials – even though it was a very young garden with small trees and plants and after a particularly dry summer, it didn’t look it’s best – but Kathy wanted to get married in front of my lavender bush (!) which grew in the rockery, with the view of Northcliff hill and range in the distance (which we used to see in the days of small trees and plants)

March:   celebrating my Dad’s birthday the evening before their wedding ..  my Dad with Ray, Kathy’s youngest son from a previous marriage  (hmm, my Dad was 61 .. my age now!)

16 March - dad's bDay - 1984 16 March - dad's bDay - 1984 _0001 16 March - dad's bDay 3 - 1984

Preparations complete!  My very talented Mum had made hundreds of paper carnations and roses and arranged them on hanging balls.  It was dainty and very pretty 🙂  And we twined fresh ivy around all the poles and pool fence.  Such a pity I didn’t get a decent photograph of the arrangements …

Ian & Kathy wedding 2 - 17 March1984Ian & Kathy wedding - 17 March1984

The happy couple with Kathy’s sister Vera, Maid of Honour – my older brother, Richard, Best Man – Kathy’s two sons, Keith and Ray,  and parents

Ian & Kathy wedding 4 - 17 March1984


Copy (2) of Ian & Kathy wedding 3 - 17 March1984

Copy of Ian & Kathy wedding 5 - 17 March1984

Ian & Kathy wedding 6 - 17 March1984

The following day … Ian and Kathy with my Mum and Dad ..  (hmmm … if my Dad was 61, my Mum was 56!)

Ian & Kathy wedding 7 - 17 March1984

Christmas in Zimbabwe :  a family affair .. all of us together  🙂  ..

3 Xmas in Zim  19845 Xmas in Zim  1984

My two brothers and me .. 4 Xmas in Zim  1984

Grandparents and grandchildren ..

6 Xmas in Zim  1984

We had so much fun all together that year 🙂   My Mum and Dad loved a good party!!!!!!!   They were in full swing that night !!!!   Oh my, I do miss them 🙁   (My Mum was not a smoker at all, but fancied one of my Dad’s cigars that night! …  he went one better !!)


Mum and Dad gave us all a fabulous Christmas gift .. New Year at Victoria Falls !!   It was the first time our children had been.  And sadly .. we haven’t been since 🙁

Copy of Vic Falls 10 - 1984

We stayed at the Makasa Sun, within walking distance of the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel

Copy of Vic Falls 12 - 1984

Copy of Vic Falls 1 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 1984Copy of Vic Falls 2 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 3 - 1984 Copy of Vic Falls 6 - 1984 Copy of Vic Falls 5 - 1984 Copy of Vic Falls 4 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 7 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 8 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 9 - 1984Copy of Vic Falls 11 - 1984

Wonderful, wonderful memories to cherish forever especially at this time when Kathy is fighting cancer for the second time.    Kathy, always smiling, always positive, who lights up every room, inspirational and ever so strong 🙂  Keep shining!!!  Sending you a bright beautiful rainbow with lots and lots of love xxx mwah


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  1. I love that walk down memory lane. Especially seeing Sylvia and Gordon, it has helped fill in some big gaps since Nick and I got married in Bulawayo on 30th November 1957. It will soon be our 57th wedding anniversary!

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