Throwback Thursdays : My cousin and I were in the papers

Throwback Thursdays : My cousin and I were in the papers

Yay ..managed to post early on Thursday before our house is invaded by painters!  Every room is chaotic now 🙁

When I was little, we had a bulldog named Barney.  I cannot remember if Barney was part of the annual dog show on this occasion but I do remember him winning a trophy.    My Mum was hoping to make money from breeding as he was a perfect specimen apparently 🙂   And apparently, her dreams were dashed when he just wasn’t interested in the opposite gender!

Anyway, I do remember going to dog shows.   My cousin Gavin and I were photographed by the Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper at one of the shows.  Unfortunately there is no date but I would think I was about 3 and Gavin aged 4.

It was Gavin’s 62nd birthday the other day so I decided to celebrate his birthday by sharing our photograph :-

Gavin and Avril-Byo DogShow

Happy Birthday Gav !!   We had such a wonderful childhood .. always together .. always getting up to mischief … we were best friends!  It’s time we got together again somehow, somewhere  (Gavin lives in England)
Your loving cousin xxx

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