Fun, family, friends .. and wine (naturally!) .. in Franschhoek

Fun, family, friends .. and wine (naturally!) .. in Franschhoek

Time is passing so I think I’m going to have to start our Cape visit blog posts with … “On our recent trip down to the Cape”  … ….

…… hubby and I spent a really lovely day with Ian and Kathy, and our dear friends, Ray and Carol (after popping in to see my Mum again).    They hadn’t been to La Motte Vineyards and wine tastings before .. hubby and I had, but a few years ago when they were building a new restaurant, museum and market, so we decided to make it our wine tasting stop for the day.  I might add here that we have been lucky enough to go down to the Cape on many occasions and have done the rushed wine tasting experienced ie dropping in on as many wine estates as possible.  Fun while it lasts but after a couple, wines tend to taste the same!  And .. the designated driver misses out 🙁   We love doing tastings as we are wine lovers, and it’s the best way to choose a good wine for purchasing at home.  Now we tend to do one, maybe two, and enjoy the experience and the magnificent Cape surroundings.   Whenever we go, the Franschhoek Valley is always a must!

Back to La Motte !!   I love this statue …

Copy of IMG_3728

Copy of Copy of IMG_3729

Copy of IMG_3731

We were hoping to stay for lunch but sadly they were full by the time we had done our tastings and we hadn’t thought to book a table beforehand.  Restaurant on right

Copy of IMG_3727

Crossing the bridge to the tasting room … (restaurant in photo)

Copy of IMG_3709

Copy of IMG_3724

Copy of IMG_3726

Copy of IMG_3721

We didn’t do the white tastings, only reds …

Copy of IMG_20141101_125533

Steven the sommelier …

Copy of IMG_3710

La Motte Syrah is my favourite wine at the moment.  It’s affordable for every day drinking.   I buy it often 🙂  !!!  It was nice to compare it to the really really really good Pierneef Collection (need to get at least one for our ‘good basket’ ! )

Copy of IMG_3711

We had so much fun !!!!    Love the way my brother is looking at Kathy 🙂

Copy of IMG_3715 Copy of IMG_3717 Copy of IMG_3720

Quite an odd arrangement of proteas, I thought …

Copy of IMG_3723

Pretty little sisters getting a helping hand from their dad …

Copy of IMG_3712

Copy of IMG_3722

Copy of IMG_3733 Copy of IMG_3736 Copy of IMG_3737

The harsh midday sun still doesn’t spoil the view

Copy of IMG_3734

We thought we’d try Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate for lunch, but we got there as the last table was taken …

Copy of IMG_3739

Copy of IMG_3740

Interesting statues in the very pretty gardens …

Copy of IMG_3742

This is Ray’s camera handiwork, who said I needed a photograph of Lady Godiva !!!

Copy of IMG_3741

Love this one …

Copy of IMG_3743

Note the yellow rubber ducky !!

Copy of IMG_3745

Lavender and mountains – very pretty ..

Copy of Copy (2) of IMG_3746 Copy of Copy (2) of IMG_3747

We were hungry by then and decided a drive into the town was the best option  !!

Copy of IMG_3773

Dutch Reformed Church founded in 1847 ..

Copy of IMG_3774

More laughs, more wine and finally something to eat !!!   Lunch at Dutch East on the main road through Franschhoek …

Copy of IMG_3751

Hubby had an enormous hamburger !!!!    .. and that’s mine in front .. delicious fish cakes – light and very scrumptious !

Copy of IMG_20141101_144654

I had seen the dessert menu hence the ‘extra light’ mains!!    This is what I had .. deep fried milk tart with matabella fudge, cinnamon, macerated berries and salted caramel.  It was to die for !!!!!!!!!!!!

Copy of IMG_3772

We had to get a group photo …

Copy of IMG_3763

… which was taken by our ex Zimbabwean waiter, Ishmael, who was such fun!!  We all recognised his accent immediately (all of us are from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe)

Copy of IMG_3769

Fantastic day out !!!

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