A short’esh’ drive up the West Coast of South Africa

A short’esh’ drive up the West Coast of South Africa

In the limited time between power cuts, putting together a blog post is challenging!!!

On our recent trip to the Cape ….

Driving up the West Coast from Cape Town is something hubby and I have never done and something I’ve always wanted to do, especially when the spring flowers are in full bloom.   A spectacular sight I believe.  Will definitely have to make a trip at that time.  Driving up there this time, with Ray and Carol, we went as far as Yzerfontein, a small harbour town with about 1200 inhabitants, about 90 kms north of Cape Town.

“The Cape West coast is famous as much for its rugged terrain as it is for its rustic seaside villages.”

What is still an almost undiscovered treasure trove of unspoilt beaches, incredible mountain ranges, rich geographical diversity, and the most astounding carpet of wild flowers in spring, has evolved into a major holiday route out of Cape Town along Route 27.”  

We stopped for a lovely breakfast in Bloubergstrand at Petit Fours, a restaurant and deli in an old coastal house tastefully renovated without losing it’s bygone charm …

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We drove along the coastal road until the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and then followed Route 27.   You definitely need more than a few hours to do this drive (we had to be back at Ray and Carol’s in the early afternoon as they were expecting guests for an early evening braai/bbq)   There are many fishing spots along the way.  I would have loved to have stopped at at least one to take some photographs 😉

We drove as far as Yzerfontein …

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This delightful old fisherman’s cottage is an Information Centre …

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We had a browse through the West Coast Farm Stall – quite a unique place !  Apart from the shop, there is a restaurant, indigenous nursery  and an amazing collection of parrots !  (and another Tourist Information office)

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Carvings in huge logs and tree trunks are quite intriguing ..

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The aviaries  have a sprinkler system which seemingly sprays the birds in the midday heat.  Having had their ‘baths’  it was now siesta time and most of them were snoozing !!

Copy of IMG_3841

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Copy of IMG_3846 Copy of IMG_3847

I like the use of old wine barrels ..

Copy of IMG_3850

Copy of IMG_3849

Cool drinks under shady trees at lovely old wooden tables with painted cutlery and beautifully hand-painted placemats (those were loose but nailed on!) …

Copy of IMG_3857

Interior of the restaurant has an amazing mural …

Copy of IMG_3822

Copy of IMG_3821

The shop is jammed packed with all sorts of everything !!!! …

Copy of IMG_3858

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Copy of IMG_3856

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Copy of IMG_3861

Next time, we shall definitely leave in the early morning, giving us time to stop at some of those fishing spots along the way, not to fish, but to take photographs 😉 and would love to go as far as Paternoster, one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of SA, 145 km north of Cape Town.  It’s known for lobster mainly, white-washed fishermen’s cottages, jagged cliffs and white boulders.

Next time … …

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