Babysitting – bring’em one, bring’em all !!

Babysitting – bring’em one, bring’em all !!

As most of my readers know,  I am a hands-on Granny .. I take care of my two grandsons every day while mom’s at work .. and I have done since Bradley was 4 months old.  He is now 11 years going on 12 and Connor is 7 years going on 8.  Added to this I am called on to do the occasional babysitting duties .. after hours 😉     My granddaughter Erin ..  she too is 7 years going on 8, comes occasionally for a day or a sleepover.  Her other Granny is her hands-on Granny as they all live quite a few kilometres away but sometimes circumstances are such that she comes here.  It’s lovely having her with all her girlie ‘things’ for a change 🙂

I love having them all 🙂

Elaine and Bryan have a new puppy,  Hardy,  who has been with them a month already!    How time flies!!   My babysitting duties have been extended to my new grand-puppy 🙂    He comes for play-dates with Jackie but last weekend he came for a sleepover.   He certainly is a boisterous little puppy and kept both hubby and I on our toes the whole afternoon and evening!!  Jackie and Hardy played until they were exhausted .. she more than he!!  She is 15 years old so it’s understandable.  That didn’t stop little Hardy, who explored every inch of the garden, again and again, sometimes bringing us a ‘treasure’ of a long stick, bits of bark, a large leaf  etc.

In the evenings we keep our security gates locked but because it’s warm, (midsummer here)   the doors are open.  He discovered that he can squeeze through the gates and made a game of it.   Out one …  in another!  He had loads of fun!!  He’s quite safe in the garden as we’ve put up fencing along the driveway gate so he can’t squeeze through.  He seems to be water and pool savvy too – maybe that’s because he fell in their swimming pool a day or two after they got him.  He peeks out first then the rest of his body follows ..  (not for long though as he’s growing quickly!  .. he’s a Jack Russell x Beagle .. too cute!)

Copy of IMG_20141213_203744

Eventually he tired and fell fast asleep on the back door mat.  Wasn’t interested in his nightly cuddle (which Elaine said he loves).  I put in his bed, tried the cuddle but he just wanted sleep!!

He was good as gold!!!   Settled into our Sunday morning routine as though he’d been here for days.      Quite comfy curled up on Jackie’s pillow….

Copy of IMG_4502 Copy of IMG_4504

Playtime for a bit but not as boisterous and wild as the previous evening.  He’s quick .. in seconds he was through the gate.  Jackie had to wait ’til I opened it

Copy of IMG_4505

Finally decided the couch was the best place to wait for mommy… naughty boy – dogs are not allowed on the furniture !!

Copy of IMG_4507

Too, too sweet when Elaine came to fetch him.  He was so excited and buried his face into her neck and couldn’t get enough of her cuddles and kisses ..

Copy of IMG_4508 Copy of IMG_4509 Copy of IMG_4510

He came for a play-date yesterday evening, with his mommy, and made a B-line for the choccies (doggie ones)!!    Typical grandchild .. always knows where a Granny keeps sweets and yummy stuff !!!

This weekend we are babysitting a motor bike !!!!   My brother Ian, and Kathy,  are coming up from Cape Town on the Blue Train (another thing to tick off on Kathy’s bucket list!!).   The bike was sent up here to Johannesburg by transport and is awaiting their arrival tomorrow


Ian has dedicated the bike to Kathy who is fighting cancer


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