Holidaying in a retirement village!!!!!!

Holidaying in a retirement village!!!!!!

True !!!

On our recent trip to the Cape …

Hubby and I spent our last few days with his sister Cheryl, and Bob in their new home in Hermanus.  A few months ago when their name came up on the waiting list, they decided it was time.  They were ready to move into a retirement village.  Hubby has an ex-colleague in the same village, who we have visited several times and have always been impressed with the village and it’s surroundings.

I am even more impressed!!!   Staying there for a few days and walking in the evenings with their dog Tanna, my eyes were certainly opened to a stage in one’s life that you never want to admit it’s looming!!

I only took my camera on our last early evening walk when we didn’t walk up the hill to the frail care unit.  That has the best view !!!  And a lovely building too.

Every time new residents move in they upgrade the cottages to a more modern look.    There are different layouts with  1,2 and 3 bedroomed cottages, and really super facilities including a gym!!   That sold me!!  They offer pilates and yoga 🙂 🙂 🙂    We ..  I .. am definitely not ‘ready’ but now the prospect is not that bad 😉

I might add here that we passed many residents walking up and down the hills, all keeping fit, with or without dogs.  (there are ‘poo’  bins along the roads)

Copy of IMG_3908

Copy of IMG_4088


The Clubhouse : administration, dining room, pub, library, gym and pool …

Copy of IMG_4123


One of the larger 3 bedroom cottages currently being upgraded …

Copy of IMG_4081



Copy of IMG_4090

Copy of IMG_4100

On the boundary at the foothills of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve are a few lovely freehold stands with gorgeous gardens …

Collages155 Collages157


Copy of IMG_4109

Copy of IMG_4107 Copy of IMG_4108

We stopped at the pond to give Tanna a breather.  He an old chappie and the hills are quite tough for him.  For his whole life he has walked the cliffpaths with Bob and Cheryl as they lived a few roads inland from there.  Always lovely to walk those cliffpaths especially when it’s whale season whereby Southern Right whales come into Walker Bay for calving.  Such a privilege to watch those huge beautiful mammals of the ocean

Copy of IMG_4113

Copy of IMG_4116

Beautiful small inter-denominational chapel ..

Copy of IMG_4117 Copy of IMG_4118

Copy of IMG_4121

Copy of IMG_3905

Bob and Cheryl’s lovely cottage ..

Copy of IMG_4132

The other side with steep small garden (still under construction) behind the hedge and another patio, partially closed , an ideal spot on inclement and windy days …

Copy of IMG_4137

Copy of IMG_4136

Copy of IMG_4148

Copy of IMG_4147

Copy of IMG_4144

Copy of IMG_4141

Thank you so much Bob and Cheryl for a wonderful few days with you both  xxx


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