Our Christmas: 2014

Our Christmas: 2014

I’ve passed the baton well!!!   I am pleased 🙂   Jeanette is making scrumptious mince pies and shortbread  … and Christmas day spent at Elaine and Bryan’s new home was fabulous!!   For the first time in many many years I was not responsible for organising and hosting this special day.  They did a marvellous job!!!   We all pitched in and brought something for the table .. a scrumptious spread of Christmas fare

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Hardy’s first Christmas ..   such a cutie pie puppy 🙂

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Our gorgeous grandchildren …

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Books were a popular choice for gifts ..


For a first-time-turkey-cooked-in-the-Weber,  it was superb!  Succulent and tasty .. well done Bryan!

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Hubby cutting my gammon and sharing titbits with our furry family ..

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The kiddies spent most the day in the pool … it was an extremely hot day.    A huge blow-up slide-cum-‘pirate ship’ was a huge hit!!!    They had a ball!!!!

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Even the moms had a go !!   Nicole 🙂   ..

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… then Jeanette  🙂  🙂

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I must say …. I did miss having our family gathering in our family home .. but on the other hand …  I could get used to it 😉     Hubby and I are truly blessed surrounded by our wonderful children and grandchildren at Christmas time … moments I treasure xxx

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