Overnight stop at Kuilfontein Stable Cottages

Overnight stop at Kuilfontein Stable Cottages

On our recent trip to the Cape ..

Kuilfontein Stable Cottages , situated on the south side of Colesberg on the N1, is our favourite overnight stop en route back from the Cape to Johannesburg.  I have written and posted many photos on Kuilfontein over the years.  Anyone interested in going back into my archives, they should be under ‘Karoo’

I think we’ve stayed in all the rooms over the years 🙂  .. this one being one of them – Room 3 (Wotwonit)   – all rooms (converted stables) are named after the owners past race horses

Copy of IMG_4166

This is what makes Kuilfontein special .. tea/coffee with fresh farm milk and homemade date loaf in the room on arrival ..



Hubby and I sat under the shade to have our tea and cake and were greeted by the new boisterous puppy .. a gorgeous Bluetick Coonhound … and the Cat

Collages139-Bluetick Coonhound

Cat has been around for years and always greets guests with a slinking rub against legs and a ‘how do you do’ and ‘welcome’  in your room

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I have photographed Cat on previous visits but my favourite post was Max and the Cat …   http://momsmeanderings.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/max-and-the-cat/

Sadly, Max, the Jack Russell, died about three weeks prior to our stay 🙁

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Lounge/sitting room (square building) stands opposite the ‘Feed Room’ – dining room

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We walked to The Paddocks … an old barn turned into lovely self-catering units, with a view to the unique Karoo landscape

Copy of IMG_4183

Copy of IMG_4184 Copy of IMG_4185

We were shown inside an unoccupied unit by the smiling caretaker of the block (whose name escapes me .. very friendly and welcoming lady)  Spacious rooms are comfortable and tastefully decorated ..

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The manor house …

Copy of IMG_4206

Copy of IMG_4209

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Copy (2) of IMG_4217

Copy (2) of IMG_4219

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Copy of IMG_4223 Copy of IMG_4224

Copy of IMG_4228

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Copy of IMG_4232

There are always yummy choices for dinner, an optional extra, but Hubby and I always choose lamb which is always ever so tender and really, really tasty, moist and delicious.   (the Karoo is lamb country!)  That evening it was roast lamb, roast potatoes and veggies, and they are not shy with the serving of lamb 🙂     Yummmmm!!!!   Dessert is always something delectable and scrumptious and usually served with farm fresh ice cream or cream

My camera was at hand in the morning too …. next post 😉


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