Mornings at Kuilfontein Stable Cottages

Mornings at Kuilfontein Stable Cottages

On our recent trip to the Cape ….    last chapter 🙂

Mornings on the farm are quiet.  Birds … and cows, mooing while milking.  There are sheep but you don’t see them – except there was one in a pen bleating his little heart out in a pen close to the farm buildings.   It’s very peaceful.  You know it’s nearly time for brekkie when you hear the crunch of feet on the gravel outside your room as prepared food is brought to the ‘feed room’ (once the original feed room for horses)

A quick walk-about before we indulge in a simple but lovely breakfast, and before heading for home

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There are more early morning farm photographs from our previous stay :

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Egg muffins with bacon, onion, baby tomatoes and mushrooms.  They were delicious!!!!  I’ve found a recipe and will definitely try them at home.  So simple and so easy to eat.

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Cat .. yet again !!! (whose real name is Peedy btw 😉 )   He wonders into the dining area looking for titbits.  He’s so sweet.   Doesn’t make a fuss but goes around choosing one guest at a table and taps them on the leg .. very very gently, as if to say “I am here .. a tasty morsel please”

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He’s very sweet .. very gently taps the toast off the table with his paw ..   … … otherwise will wait at your feet hoping you’ll give him something

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Our farewell committee ..

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… ’til next time.

The road home

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Voilà .. our fabulous Cape holiday had come to an end ..

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