Rain and Hail

Rain and Hail

Yesterday the heavens opened!!  It was around 2:00 in the afternoon and within half an hour 65mm fell!  All in all, when the rain eventually subsided, we had 80mm !!!

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Apparently it wreaked havoc in the neighbourhood.  No damage to our property fortunately, except hail build-up on our patio roof caused leaking through the ceiling…. which we only discovered this morning.  We didn’t think to look up there after the storm.  Our neighbours carport awning partly ripped off the wall and fell onto a parked car damaging it extensively.    Our garden is shredded in parts, but is still standing!!

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About half an hour after the main storm I had to go the shops passing our greenbelt and river on the way.  This is normally a meandering stream…

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I had seen it much higher a few years ago, when it flooded over the road

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Shredded strelizia leaves

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My flame lilies took a beating 🙁


I had taken a photograph earlier in the morning but the sun and shadows were completely wrong and it was blurred so planned re-take them later in the afternoon

Copy of IMG_4861

And ….   then there was a double rainbow ..

Copy of IMG_4892 Copy of IMG_4904

Copy of IMG_4893

And then ….  there was a glorious sunset !!  What a day !!

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Copy of Copy of IMG_4906

2 Replies to “Rain and Hail”

  1. Very dramatic weather kind of day!!! Sorry about the damage caused to your patio and the flowers.

    The rainbows, the sunset!!! Stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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