This is Kathy

This is Kathy

She is my sister in law although Kathy is more like a sister 🙂   We are the same age.  We’ve had our children more or less at the same time.  We’ve shared lots .. and more

She’s fighting cancer.  Second time round.  Her first journey and survival was documented so beautifully by Jeanette in 2011

…  and she was courageous enough to have Jeanette take photographs of her scars

The purpose of this post is not to focus on cancer

My brother Ian, and Kathy, came to Johannesburg for Christmas on the Blue Train from Cape Town (a notch ticked off her bucket list!) to spend Christmas with their sons.    It was super having them here for a change.  We ..  especially me …  are always going down to the Cape on holidays when they open their home to us.  Me especially, as I said .. for my regular visits to see my Mum.  I have ‘my’ room in their home 🙂  lucky me 🙂

We spent one really lovely day altogether while they were here.   I gathered all our children and grandchildren, like a mother goose gathering her flock 😉 … and would you believe it …  not one photograph was taken!!!   I thought we would have a chance to gather my flock again but time passed too quickly.  Added to that, Kathy had to fly back for two sessions of chemo in between family time.  She goes weekly for chemo.  It really messes up any plans for longer getaways than a few days at a time.

Sooo .. on her last day here I managed to get some photographs taken with Jeanette and Elaine.  Sadly, not with Carl, but he will be going down to Cape Town in the near future on business and will meet up with her there.  He has promised to take some piccies.   Daniella, their daughter, was most upset that not a single photo was taken when we were all together.   She works on those magnificent yachts in the Mediterranean, hopping from port to port seeing places her ‘favourite’ aunty would love to see too 😉  !!!

Daniella .. these are for you …  your beautiful mommy xxx  mwah

Copy of IMG_4916

Copy of IMG_4919


Copy of IMG_4926

Copy of IMG_4935

Thinking of you always Kathy xxx love you lots and lots xxx

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  1. I am so thankful they caught Michele’s breast cancer early and that the surgery got rid of it all. All the blood tests, x-rays and scans have come back clean so no chemo needed. But its still going to be a road of corrective surgery and recovery to walk, but she is strong and positive. We are truly blessed. I showed her all the posts you and Jeanette did about Kathy which she read. Kathy truly is inspirational.

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