Throwback Thursdays : 1988 favourites

Throwback Thursdays : 1988 favourites

Some are my favourite pics and some tell a story ….  from 27 years ago !!

January :  Daniella’s Christening  (my brother Ian, and Kathy’s gorgeous baby girl)  She screamed all the way through the photo ‘shoot’ 🙂 ..

Jan 88 - Daniella's christening

Jan 88 - Daniella's christening 1

My Mum and Dad with all their grandchildren …  (baby Daniella, now exhausted, fast asleep in Granny’s arms)

Jan 88 - Daniella's christening 2

Elaine and her Granny cooling down in our pool …  (can’t believe how lovely and blue it is … it desperately needs a scraping down and new gunite)

Jan 88 - Mum and E

Giving kisses 🙂

Jan 88 - MumDad&kiddies

April :  Elaine’s first yummy choccie Easter egg

April 88 -  E 1

She loved her red cart.   Put all sorts of things in it, including Suzie ..

April 88 -  E

May : Feeding dolly in the warm winter sun which streams through the lounge windows (don’t think this dolly had a name – it was my old doll!)

May 88 - feeding dolly

Playing with fallen autumn leaves with big sister …

May 88 - J and E

July :  Mum visiting from Zimbabwe  …

July 88 -  Mum with grandchildren… with Elaine and Daniella, who was 6mths ..

July 88 - Mum E & Daniella

Feeding ducks at Zoo Lake …

July 88 -  E  -zoo lake

July 88 - feeding ducks 2


July :  Elaine’s first seaside holiday – we rented a house in Salt Rock and swam at Umhlali Beach every day

July 88 -  Umhlali Beach Salt Rock E 1

July 88 -  Umhlali Beach Salt Rock shells

July 88 -  Umhlali 2

Love this picture …

July 88 -  Umhlali 3

July 88 -  Umhlali 4

July 88 -  Umhlali 5

July 88 -  Umhlali 6

July 88 -  Umhlali 1

Carl tried his hand at fishing.  Was determined to catch a fish !!!!  He got advice from the local fishermen as what bait to use, how to cast, where to cast etc.    To no avail .. not a nibble!!!

July 88 -  Umhlali 8

.. and we all sat patiently watching .. and waiting … and waiting  !!!

July 88 -  Umhlali 7

July 88 -  Umhlali Beach Salt Rock with bucket

Daddy and daughter moment ..

July 88 -  Umhlali Beach Salt Rock with dad

I have blogged about  ‘dad and daughter special moments’  … same daughter,  20 years later !!!   … at Ballito, just a few kilometres down the coast


Our last day was cloudy and windy so we went for a drive up and down the coast.  That’s when we discovered Ballito’s magnificent flat beach (as it was in those days).  We were hooked !!  That was going to be our next family holiday destination … and it was, for the next 20 years or so!!!!     As a toddler, Elaine loved the flat sand and long gentle waves.  We loved it too .. we didn’t have to hold onto her!!!  Ballito was a lovely village in those days.   Convenient shopping for perishables within walking distance and not jam-packed with holiday-makers were the main attractions for us.  We used to take a trailer loaded with everything we needed, limiting our shopping on holiday.   Holiday apartments were at a minimal with vacant land in-between.  As years went by, we watched open spaces invaded with building after building, large shopping centres built further inland making it necessary for using the car to buy basics and lots more people!!!   And .. the beach has never been the same as it was in those early days 🙁

July 88 -  Ballito 9

July 88 - Ballito 10

July 88 - Ballito 11

August : I’m holding Daniella (8mths old)    Elaine didn’t suck a dummy or thumb but two fingers at first .. then just one, her forefinger.  A habit that was difficult to break

Aug 88 - Daniella 8 mths

Great way to begin the ‘terrible twos’   !!!   Note her bandaged left hand.   She burnt the entire palm with a hot iron.  In a split second (as every parent knows that’s how quick accidents happen) she grabbed the iron, but as it was heavy for her, she used the left hand to hold it – on the base of the iron.  It was very badly burnt but healed quickly with daily visits to our doctor for treatment and redressing.   She was left with no scarring at all!   Perfect left hand!

Aug 88 - E's bandaged hand

Best 2nd birthday prezzie ever !!!   A plastic ‘motorbike ‘ !!!

Aug 88 - E's Hi

September :

Sept 88 - E watering daisies

Our beautiful children ….   ages 16, 13 and 2 years 🙂

Sept 88 - J-16, C-13, E-2

Sept 88 - E and shoes

I notice she’s wearing the same clothes in many photos ! she had other clothing 😉

October :  Giving our dog Dennis a big love

Oct 88 - Giving Dennis a love

Elaine’s little cousin is getting bigger 🙂

Oct 88 - E and Daniella

November :  I used to buy fresh farm veggies and eggs on a weekly basis at a farm stall on this small-holding … and extra carrots for the ponies and donkeys.  This area is now built up with housing, shopping centres and office parks  (Elaine still remembers going there to feed the horses and donkeys)

Nov 88 - E- feeding horses & donkeys

Nov 88 - J,C & E in pool

December :   a cardboard box house !!!  Ta daaa !!!

Dec 88 - cardboard box house

Decorating the door      What concentration!!

Dec 88 - Decorating the door

Christmas time !!!!!!!     Yay !!!

Dec 88 - E Christmas tree


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  1. Wow!!! Love love love the trip down memory lane.

    Ha ha ha I didn’t even notice the clothes but obviously had to go back to look after you mentioned it 😆

    Zoo lake is still somewhat recognizable from the pictures of Elaine feeding the ducks.

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